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Getting Your Partner to Explore More Through Sex With Alexa Bowditch

Getting Your Partner to Explore More Through Sex With Alexa Bowditch

Getting Your Partner to Explore More Through Sex With Alexa Bowditch

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Welcome back to another episode of The Embodied Woman Podcast, I have a delicious conversation for you to tune into today with the incredible Alexa Bowditch.

In this episode, Alexa does an amazing job sharing ideas and ways to really drop into your sexuality whether you are solo or with a partner, and how to begin exploring different areas of your sexuality that you haven’t been open to yet.

We talk about different ways to go deeper with your partner and open up to them about your fantasies and desires. Alexa gives us tangible ways to bring spice into our sex lives and overall be more playful in this aspect of life.

In this episode you will hear:

– What being an Embodied Woman means to Alexa

– How home life, a toxic long-term relationship, hitting rock bottom, then healing led Alexa into the sex education space

– The pre-judgment around consensual non-monogamy and coming home to herself through BDSM and kink

– The biggest shift that happened when she stepped fully into her sexuality, the challenges, and how it impacts her relationship with her partner

– What BDSM stands for and tools to help you begin your journey

– How to invite your partner into the exploration of your sexuality

– Ways that BDSM can support your spiritual journey and why it might help with trauma healing

– Navigating the fear of who you will become when you dive into this world

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Connect with Alexa:

@thatsexchick | That Sex Chick Podcast

Books to dive into kink/BDSM:

The Ultimate Guide to Kink

Diary of a Submissive

I Am Dominant

Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns

BDSM Test: Take Here

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