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Going All In On Yourself and Your Goals

Going All In On Yourself and Your Goals

Going All In On Yourself and Your Goals

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In today’s solo episode, Taylor drops some serious wisdom on what it takes to truly become the person you want to be.

She emphasizes the importance of taking yourself seriously (while unpacking what that truly means) and going all-in on your goals and desires.

Taylor shares tips on how to add more play, pleasure, and ease into your life, and how to view our lives as sacred.

She also touches on the power of investing in yourself and how everything starts with you.

In this episode you will hear:

– Going all-in on yourself and your goals

– Taking yourself seriously to be taken seriously

– Aligning actions with the desired outcome

– Owning your power and viewing your life as sacred

– Adding more play, fun, and pleasure to your life

– The power of investing in yourself and your personal growth

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