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How to Activate Your Throat Chakra

How to Activate Your Throat Chakra 

How to Activate Your Throat Chakra 

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Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast!  Today we are talking all about unblocking the chakras in order to shift into our greatest power, using our voice.

In this episode, I share with you my journey from social anxiety, to overactive Throat Chakra, to finding the balance and learning to speak my truth.

Listen in and allow this episode to serve as a mirror and remembrance of the power you hold.

In this episode you will hear:

– What happens when we have an overactive or underactive Sacral Chakra

– How the Throat and Sacral Chakras connect and impact each other

– The physical manifestations of having an underactive or overactive Throat Chakra

– How to start healing your wounded feminine (the underactive Chakras)

– Finding the balance between having underactive and overactive Chakras

– What happens when you hold back from speaking your truth 

– Learning to use your voice in order to speak your truth

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