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How To Believe In Your Mission When Others Don’t

How To Believe In Your Mission When Others Don’t

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Welcome to The Embodied Woman Podcast!  In this episode, I dive into a conversation I’ve been having with some women in my community that know their soul is being called forward but maybe their partner doesn’t quite get it, yet.

Today you will learn how to believe in yourself so deeply and build that trust within yourself in order to step into that next soul-aligned level and lead your partner forward.

Let this episode be a reminder to you and allow it to support you into your next expansion.

In this episode you will hear:

– Navigating what other people are saying to you about how you live life

– The reality of what we can do when partners don’t agree with our investments or get it

– What happens when you trust yourself and in your investments so deeply

– The power that comes when both partners fully trust in each other

– Learning to believe in yourself so much and the up levels that come with that

– The gift that comes with a higher level of self-believe

– Why being in high-level communities works

– Getting resourceful in order to uplevel and lead by example

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