Incorporating Feminine Energy into your Business with Anna Nassery : Episode 238

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Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love ya!  

If you’re here, I know you’re a go-getter kind of gal. You are all about improving your life and getting shit done, and that’s fucking great! If you run an online business, it’s important to have that drive! 

But there comes a time and place where it becomes toxic to stay in that masculine energy. We risk the danger of leaning into what we’re doing as a measure of success instead of a path towards abundance. We face the mentality that if we’re not out there hustling, then we’re falling behind. 

Sister, staying in this overproduction of masculine energy is not going to serve you at all in the long run! For a time, I had the belief that if I wasn’t getting up at 5:00AM and getting right to work to crush my goals, I wasn’t “successful.” I thought that if I wasn’t getting shit done, I was being lazy. 

One of the shifts that I have been fine-tuning over the past year is transitioning from being full-on masculine in my business and relationships to embodying my feminine. Let me tell ya — making this shift hasn’t been easy, but it has fucking changed the game for me. 

That’s why today I am bringing you an episode with a guest who does such a beautiful job of providing different tools to infuse more of the divine feminine energy into your life and your business.

We’re jamming with Anna Nassery, the founder and CEO of Brand Up, which is a creative agency based in Los Angeles. She has some amazing nuggets of inspiration for us today about incorporating feminine energy into your business, microdosing, the freedom of dancing, and so much more! 

You’re not gonna want to miss out on this juicy scoop episode with the coolest boss babe around. So let’s get started, shall we?

Who Is Anna Nassery? 

Anna Nassery is the founder and CEO of Brand Up, a digitally focused creative agency based in sunny LA that builds scalable and impactful brands. The Brand Up process is designed to help you discover your brand’s unique edge and build a thriving online presence. The Brand Up team creates polished, strategic visuals that ensure your brand story is in line with your brand’s identity, cohesive across all channels, and of course…beautiful! 

They also create customized websites that prime your business to scale, formalize your brand’s presence and establish its legitimacy, and integrate software that is useful to your business

Anna is an entrepreneur at heart, a brand ninja, and an energy optimization / biohack queen. She’s super passionate about helping entrepreneurs make a full-time living doing what they love while maintaining balance along the way.

I am so excited to have her on the show and dive even deeper into the juiciness that allows her to serve in the way she does. 

Anna’s Journey to Find Her Feminine 

By now, it’s probably clear that Anna is an absolute boss babe. She is in the flow, aligned with her purpose, and doing what she loves to do. But sister, you and I both know getting to that point in life is never a straight line. 

There’s always ups and downs and little squiggly lines along the journey towards abundance, and Anna had to navigate through those pathways to get to where she is today: 

“It was a lot of ups and downs. I think my biggest personal development in the last five years has been calling deeper into my truth outside of what society, culture, and my family has kind of painted me into. Kind of going full circle back to freedom and figuring out what lights me up and what I like doing — I think the more I’ve fallen into congruence with that, the happier I have become, and as such, the universe and the world just makes things work in my favor — the more I’m in alignment with my truest self.” – Anna Nassery 

Isn’t it such a beautiful thing to be aligned with yourself and to find the things that bring you joy above all else? Anna is thriving now, but to get there, she had to go through a mentality shift after working in Fortune 500 companies during the first 12 years of her career. 

These early and late-stage startups were all boys clubs with a “hustle” mindset that became toxic for Anna. Along with that came a childhood of growing up with parents that worked three jobs and embedded a strong sense of hustle mentality into Anna and her brother. 

She always felt a high amount of pressure to do it all without breaks, from extracurricular activities and AP classes in high school to her work life as an adult:

“I think I was groomed to associate success with that masculine paradigm of structure, control, and ‘push, push, push.’ So I think breaking out of that in my personal life as well as in my career has been my work. Getting away from that has allowed me that freedom to become who I am inherently … We all have feminine and masculine within us. It’s just about having the healthy balance of it all and the integration of both sides … a lot of my superiors and women that I looked up to in the startup space were absolutely in their masculine for the most part.” – Anna Nassery 

Being in your masculine energy can be super fucking helpful when you need to get shit done! But it can also become toxic when there is too much of it in the workspace. When Anna moved back to LA and started her agency, Brand Up,, she found herself having to infuse a lot of masculine energy in the company because that was all she knew!

Before she had a team, she had to do everything herself at first and wear all of the hats of the business at once. When she eventually got a team together and had help with all of the structural support of the business, she had to learn to embrace her feminine in order to really thrive. 

“I still had that paradigm in my brain of like, ‘I need to work ten to 12 hours a day. I need to work weekends because that’s what successful people do. And if I don’t do that, I’m lazy and I don’t want it as much.’ I picked up on that story and I really embodied that story. I think for a couple of years, even though I was supported and I had my team, I just wasn’t thriving.” – Anna Nassery 

As a person with a lot of inherently feminine energy, Anna wasn’t able to access her creativity. When she finally learned to tap into her feminine energy in her business, she could thrive so much more in how she showed up in her business as well as her personal life! 

So now you’re probably wondering — how did she tap into that feminine energy? Anna has some great practical ideas for us about how to do that! 

Falling Back into Your Feminine

Sister, shifting your mindset from the masculine to the feminine is fucking hard, especially when it is engrained in us that we need to be actively doing something to be successful! At first, Anna felt guilty for taking breaks in her day when she had a mile-high list of shit to get done. 

But after some practice, she noticed that taking breaks was essential to harnessing her creative feminine energy:

“It’s not about the quantity of time spent working. It’s about the quality and the gifts that you have. Take that time and space to charge your energy, whether it’s in your morning or your midday. Be selfish about it. Make that your top priority. Don’t make your top priority getting up at 6:00AM and hopping on Slack … take that space for yourself. That way the quality is there in the working hours that you do have later on.” – Anna Nassery 

It’s all about quality over quantity! Sister, write that one down and highlight it in your favorite color. If you are working ten hours a day but only using 80% of your energy because you are tired or just going down a checklist, the potency of your work is weak! 

Whoever is receiving your energy — whether it’s your clients, family, friends, or partner — they are only getting a quarter dose of your light, encouragement, and skills. 

What if instead, we filled up our cup so much that one hour of potent work is equivalent to those ten hours at 80%? If we do the work to ensure that our energy is high, we can make our time so much more valuable and create the space in our day to do the things we love. 

Aside from taking breaks, Anna uses some other simple but effective techniques for falling back into her feminine. One of the main things she does is embodiment, working to be aligned with her physical body through exercise, meditation, and breathing techniques: 

“People have different tools for really getting into your body. I know this sounds really rudimentary, but for me, I love walking … that’s how I take a lot of my team calls. That’s how I sometimes do morning meditation. I leave my phone at home. I walk, I observe the trees. I listen to the birds. It helps you tap into your breath. It’s like a motor response — you’re so in your body. And then obviously I love to dance. Before lockdown, I’d always go to dance class, but even more now it’s just messing around the house with friends and just being in the flow” – Anna Nassery 

What are some ways that you can get back in touch with your body and tap into your feminine energy? Embodiment is such an important component of taking care of your soul. 

We all have energy that we need in order to serve, have fun, and enjoy our lives. Being aware of your body through breathing exercises, meditation, walks, or cold showers are great ways to harness this energy. Use these tools to step back into your feminine flow and out of the structured masculine energy that often consumes your day-to-day routines. 

Sister, I know all of this stuff is much easier said than done. I wish there was just a magic button you could press to jump back and forth from your masculine to feminine energies — easy peasy. 

But the reality is,  it’s fucking hard! And it requires a lot of healing, processing, and inner spiritual work over time. Anna has been actively doing that work, and she shares some great ways that she heals that I’d love to share with you! 

The Inner Work: Different Modalities for Healing Your Soul 

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with journaling as a way to do inner work and connect with your soul. Anna uses journaling too, and she has recently been doing something called “morning pages” after reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way

“You have a journal specifically for your morning pages and every day you do three pages framed up first thing in the morning … this is while your brain is still in that dream state — it’s when your subconscious is fully intact … When I journal my goals or my gratitude, I do it in another journal because I like going back and reading and referencing. When you do morning pages … it can look stupid, it can look dumb. It can not make sense. You don’t reread it. It’s just a mental purge.” – Anna Nassery 

I love this idea! It’s definitely not easy to do, especially when you don’t have a lot of mental energy. But part of being committed to doing the work is giving yourself the grace to know when you have the energy to spend unpacking and healing. 

We carry heavy things inside ourselves that journaling can bring to the surface. Honor your healing process with grace while allowing what needs to be healed to heal. Remember — when you heal, I heal. And when I heal, you heal. 

Anna is constantly doing the work to unpack what doesn’t serve her, and she does this by using several different healing modalities aside from journaling. One of these modalities is microdosing:

“I’ve always been really open to learning more about plant medicine. And about five years ago is when I started having opportunities to dive into it … I’m doing a little bit of psilocybin microdosing and that helps me get into my body … there are so many studies about what some of these psychedelics do to your neuroplasticity and rewiring your brain and learning new habits and learning new languages. So it’s really beautiful. I’m excited to see more of that evolution and more of that accessibility to people, especially people dealing with major issues like PTSD and depression and anxiety. It’s really profound.” – Anna Nassery

Anna notes that the important piece about using microdosing as a healing modality is intention. She doesn’t use it as a way to escape her body or an escape from reality. Instead, she is using it as a way to do the deeper work and get more into her body, giving herself time and space to integrate what she learns. 

When you incorporate your energy with another energy from that place of intention, you can see some incredible results! Anna has been using the healing modalities like journaling and plant medicine to really dive into exploring her soul and her feminine energy. The results have been groundbreaking. 

Why You Should Listen to this Anna Nassery Podcast Episode Right Now… 

Sister, I had such a beautiful conversation with Anna today and I hope you got some juicy nuggets of wisdom out of it! She has been doing so much amazing work to learn how to incorporate her feminine energy into her business and her life! 

Anna gives us a profound reminder that it is so important to come back home to what feels good to you and is in line with your personality and your energy. By doing this, she has been able to absolutely thrive in her creative feminine energy and fill her cup daily by doing what she loves! 

If you want to connect with Anna, you can find her on Instagram! Shoot her a DM if this episode resonated with you!  And remember to tag me @iamtaylorsimpson  and Anna @annadoingthings with a screenshot of the episode and your biggest takeaway. 

I’m so incredibly grateful that she shared her love and light with us today. Remember to step back into your feminine when you need to and harness all of the creative energy that comes with that! 

As always, I see you. I love you. And remember to always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • Being in alignment with your truest self 
  • Flowing in your feminine and still being taken seriously
  • Embodying the story of doing it all
  • How to make 1 hour of work equivalent to 10
  • Being in alignment with the friendships around you
  • Stop planning and tune into when you want to do stuff
  • Daily rituals that keep you in a feminine flow
  • Honoring your healing process with grace
  • Plant medicine rituals compared to 5 years of deep therapy
  • Pushing through the unknown of scaling 
  • Surrendering and letting things happen

Connect with Anna and Brand Up: 

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