Is Your Big Vision or Goal Actually a Limitation? : Episode 281

Hi, sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Today, we’re talking about how your big vision or goal may actually be outdated, outmoded, and out of sync with the new you that is evolving at a more rapid rate than ever. I’ve spoken before about how quickly the collective is shifting, so we’re going to see if some of those big visions you have need an update — and I’m going to show you how to update them.

Sisters, this is such a fucking potent time. Thanks to the work that we’re all doing, thanks to everyone who is waking up, we’re able to take quantum leaps like never before. Remember that when I heal, you heal, and we all heal. I’m so excited to dive into this with you today and support your growth in the best way possible. Let’s get started!

Leaps of Consciousness

Before we go further, let’s explore this evolution that I’ve touched on several times. It’s a global, collective shift. It’s a quantum leap, an increase in vibration. 

What does that mean for you? Think about the leaps in consciousness you’ve had recently. Maybe it’s hard to see them since we’ve largely been in touch with our internal worlds during the past year or so. There haven’t always been mirrors for us in the outside world to reflect back on how things have shifted. But just consider it. What in you has changed in the past week, month, year?

The collective is like one vast tree of life, and we’re all different branches. We’re individuals but coming from the same source. We pull from the same fountain of energy. So there’s really no escaping the quantum leap. 

Maybe you don’t know exactly how to describe what’s changed. If so, what do you want to change? What are you healing from? What are you choosing to heal from? What stories are you choosing to no longer believe? How can you heal limiting beliefs around sexuality, money, power? What old shame stories do you still believe are true, but are not matching who you are and who you are becoming? How can you begin to heal those? It’s time to make a choice.

I’ll tell you a story. I was talking to a client of mine recently who shared that she recently let go of a part of her business that was draining her. And when she shared this with her husband, he said, “Well, if it doesn’t feel good for you, then let it go. I fully support you.” And she was shocked. Because only a few months prior to this, he would not have supported her, as he had major blocks around scarcity and money. But because she’d been doing deep transformational work, she had an impact on him. Because he had simply witnessed her. And by witnessing her clearing her blocks, he began to release his own. So she didn’t do anything directly to him, she didn’t tell him anything, she just was. So remember that by healing old beliefs, you’re healing those around you. 

Right now, deep healing is available for us and it can happen more quickly than ever before. It’s like taking a quantum leap. I’ll share that I’ve been doing this work so much lately, and it’s been fucking potent. I’ve been committing to being present with what comes up, with everything that’s wanting to be looked at, felt, heard, and healed. I’ve never felt better. People have been telling me I have this extra glow around me. And let me tell you: I feel better than ever, I look better than ever, I feel lighter than ever. This work is magic. 

Going Deeper With Your Healing

Since this time is so full of potential, it’s useful to sit with what’s coming up on a regular basis. You deserve to carve out time to be with what comes up. You deserve to finally, fully release limiting beliefs.

The thing is, you don’t want to judge the limiting beliefs that come up. But you also want to shift the way you’re looking at them. Because as I’ve said before, when we keep talking about our wounds to other people and describing these things as problems, we’re perpetuating the cycle. We’re affirming that we have a wound. We’re taking the wound on as our identity.

I’ll share with you one of the mantras I’ve been using with my clients lately. It’s great because I crafted the words so that instead of affirming our woundedness, we’re acknowledging the process of change. We’re reframing things. The mantra is: “I am healing from believing the old truth that _________.” So fill in the blank.

So, I am healing from believing the old truth that I’m not good enough. That old truth was placed upon me by society, by my sister, by my father. It’s basically an old untruth, but it was true for me for a long time. I acknowledge it. I don’t brush it under the rug. But I am healing from it.

I am healing from believing the old truth that I’m too much. I’m healing from believing that I need to struggle and struggle to make my life worthwhile. I’m healing from believing that I don’t have the body to be considered sexy. 

What are your old truths? Where did they come from and how have they affected you? Be present as the painful feelings bubble up, as the negative thoughts spiral, and ask yourself if this truth is valid anymore. What would it look like to have a different truth, an updated one that matches how far your spirit has come?

Let’s try it again: I am healing from believing the old truth that I don’t have enough time to start my own business. See how you take your power back there and disassociate yourself from that old “truth?” You can say to yourself, “Ah, that was just an old truth. That’s not who I am now.” Maybe you’ve accidentally been carrying it into your present moment, making it a continual repeating truth. We want to nurture the old truth because maybe we’ve been carrying it in our backpack for a long time. We give ourselves grace when we acknowledge that it once was valid. Maybe we had proof from people who constantly affirmed it for us.  

Updating Your Vision

So now that we’re fine-tuning and deepening our healing process, it might be time for an update. That old computer program running in your mind, those old tapes that have been in the background, have been with you while you were creating your grand vision. Your reality was filtered through this old lens. So it makes sense that there may be limitations in them.

There’s a phrase that people use a lot in manifestation work. Anytime you ask for something, you end with the phrase “this or something better.”  So you might say: “I desire a romantic relationship with a stable, loving man who makes me laugh.”  Or: “I desire to have my own business as a  yoga teacher, doing what I love and making great money.”

But of course, your vision was limited when you made these wishes.  Is there some more incredible quality of a man that you could ask for, but did not even think of asking for? You probably asked for something you thought would actually be possible, so maybe you didn’t set the bar high enough. There could be a total badass of a man out there who is conscious and evolved and would love to support you in ways you never dreamed of. 

And maybe the universe doesn’t just support you becoming a yoga teacher, it supports you becoming a leader in the holistic health space, giving lectures and holding workshops around the world.

There’s no telling what the universe has in store for you when you let go of the need to control everything. When we let the universe step in, we create space for everything we never thought of. We’ve all had this experience right? You ask for something and then something totally out of the blue comes along, something so much better and we think “Wow, never could I have ever dreamed up a situation like this.”

So what if you open yourself up to that possibility with every wish and dream you have. Use that phrase “this or something better,” and be open to it. 

To recognize how we might be limiting ourselves, it takes being present in the moment. Because there is something in our peripheral vision that we’re missing. You can ask yourself when you have these visions: What other magic am I missing? What memo am I missing, when I was blinded because I was so laser-focused on the outcome.

Let the universe meet you halfway. Open up to magic and to the ability to receive. This is where we can begin to relax. 

This is where we can begin to simply be and know that everything we are doing is enough. If we are truly surrendering and being open to the magic that the universe has for us. When we stop trying to control the future or the outcome, we really do give ourselves the gift of being at ease. That doesn’t mean there aren’t going to be challenges and problems that allow us to grow.

To tap into this receptivity, envision or actually try doing this exercise: Stand with your arms spread wide open, like wings, with your palms facing up. Ground and feel the weight in your feet connecting you to the earth. Bend your knees slightly and roll your shoulders back. Keep your chin neutral. It’s a very Goddess-like pose and the point is that you’re an open chalice receiving abundance to the universe. It’s opening your divine feminine, receptive energy.

How can you go through life, energetically speaking, with your arms wide open? What can you receive that you know you’re meant to receive? What can you receive that you aren’t even aware of? Let these questions be your north star this week. This is how we really allow the universe to hold us. How we allow ourselves to be held and seen and loved by the universe. 

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I love you. I see you. Cheers to being wide open to the abundant AF life we’ve never dreamed of. Thanks for spending your time with me. And remember Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What I’m navigating through and how I’m deepening into my human experience
  • How you can start fine-tuning your inner work
  • How your inner health reflects in your external presence
  • Start healing the lies that are keeping you in your wounds
  • How you can heal your truths and upgrade them to a more fitting truth
  • What happens when you start healing your old beliefs
  • Are your visions, goals, and manifestations a limitation to your greatest potential
  • Learning to let go even more of the expectations around your goals
  • How can you deepen ever more into each moment
  • What happens when you learn to be fully present

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been really committed to deepening into the work even more. Today, I am going to share with you some questions that have come up during my meditations, during my deepening into this human experience, what’s ready to be shed and looked at and really let go of. In this episode we dive into how we can begin to heal old truths, learning to let go of expectations, being fully present, and share with you the concept of how your goals and visions may actually be limiting you to your greatest potential.