Letting Yourself Receive Universal Signs : Episode 300


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you’re new to the show, welcome! If you’re a regular, I love you, I love you, I love you! 

Before we get started, I want you to take a second and think about what it means to become more present. 

Does it mean putting down the devices while we’re walking around in daily life, taking a moment, and breathing in our surroundings? Or is it something more than that for you? Maybe becoming present is more of an internal journey — a soul-searching adventure to find yourself in the present moment.

Today, we’re going to dive into what it means to become more present within ourselves and find awareness in our everyday lives. The Universe is constantly out there, just sending us signals about where we are in life and what steps we need to take to embrace the divine within ourselves fully. 

Most of the time never see the world in its natural beauty and light because we’re absorbed in our little worlds of technology and social media. It may be hard to break through your shell and embrace the vibrations the Universe sends your way. However, once you open your spirit up to the universal signals from the world, your life will change dramatically! 

Universal Signs Flow from the Simplest Sources

I recently was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica. If you haven’t ever had the experience, you need to go. Like, grab your passport, pack your bags today, buy the first plane ticket there, and get down there right away. It is an absolutely gorgeous country — filled with luscious jungles, the most amazing wildlife, and the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen!

One day, I was walking down the beach, just letting the entire vibe of this fantastic landscape flow over me. As I took a step a few inches forward, I happened to look at the beach beneath my feet and noticed the most perfectly white shell on the ground. At first, its beauty didn’t sink in when I looked at it. I continued walking down the beach when something inside me told me to turn back.

I turned around, walked back to the shell, and lifted it to my eyes. While examining the seashell, I noticed the intricate complexity of its beauty. It wasn’t a perfect geometric shape with straight edges like a circle, square, or oval, and it didn’t have a uniform or symmetric color, and that wasn’t what made it beautiful. Instead, its beauty was within the imperfections. Rather than being completely white, it had increasingly intricate shades of pink, naturally painted within the shell’s interior and shining with iridescent tones.

While investigating this breathtaking shell, I realized what it meant to be fully plugged into the message nature had for me. Earlier that day, I had asked myself, “What can I focus on today?” I was looking for a nugget of wisdom from nature, and because I was open to receiving teaching, nature over-delivered.

In that shell, I found a mirror of myself. I am exactly like that shell. My imperfections shape me into the beautiful goddess that I am. I don’t have to fit the shape of conventional beauty or achieve perfection to be worthy of myself — I am worthy because of my flaws! Every time I notice insecurity or self-doubt creep into my mind, I remember that shell and allow myself more patience, grace, and understanding in life. 

This story leads me to a question I have for you. Where are you walking past your shells, and when you walk past them, are you listening enough to turn around and pick them back up? If you currently struggle to open yourself up and allow the Universe to fill you, I am guessing you missed out on some shells along the way. So the next time you step outside your front door, don’t go straight for the earbuds or scroll on your phone in the grocery store line. Instead, keep your head up, look around yourself, and allow your spirit to be fully open to the universal signals that are broadcast to you daily. When you embrace those moments, you will understand what it means to let the Universe guide you toward the things you desire. 

Don’t Feed into Society’s Drive to Push Yourself

We are so ingrained as a society just to keep going. You push on from one step to the next and keep grinding until you accomplish your goals. If this sounds like you — if you fall into this paradigm of needing to jump through continual hoops to feel successful — it is okay, but you can do fucking better!

Forgetting what makes us valuable keeps us from accessing our inner selves. Every day, we constantly walk past the universal signs that are shouting to us, “You are beautiful! You are worthy! You are confident! You are sexy!”. Instead of listening to the Universe, we absorb society’s message about constantly pushing to receive our rewards. This message results in falling into moments of lack, and scarcity fills you with doubt. 

These times may make you think, “I don’t have enough time, I don’t have enough money, or I’ve already tried to fix these problems before.” In those moments of self-doubt and feelings of smallness, it is where you have the best opportunity to find your strength. When we hit that state of spiritual amnesia and fall into a point of low vibe, it isn’t a time to panic. It’s a scary moment, but it’s also the moment to look for the signs you missed along the way. 

Even though you aren’t where you want to be, you are precisely where you need to be at that very moment. When you fall victim to that old paradigm, it brings you to the point of low vibe. You gain an incredible opportunity to open your awareness and set yourself up for a quantum leap in vibration. Allow yourself to tap into your inner-being, invite yourself to align with the Universe, and take that jump forward beyond a higher point than ever before.

If you want to know more about the process of aligning yourself with the Universe and accepting the gifts it has for you, I’ve got you covered. One of my more recent episodes, “The 5 Agreements to Live an Aligned Life”, shares my interpretations of Don Miguel Ruiz’s classic, The Four Agreements. It’s packed full of the juicy details you need to become a better-aligned being and lay down the neural pathways you need to accept the Universe’s gifts for you.

Reject the Lies Around You and Embrace Positivity

When you’re living your life, you should constantly search out ways to be more present. I know I’ve said it before, but you don’t need necessarily need to be in the highest high-vibe state to be present with yourself. It can be as simple as taking that second to breathe, putting our phones away in the grocery store’s checkout line, and allowing yourself to feel your body. In those moments, you find your answers from the Universe.

So many times, though, we don’t let that happen. Why? We lie to ourselves, and by “we,” I mean me as well. I’ve got my hand raised high on the other end of this keyboard because I am just as guilty as the next person. We tell ourselves that we’re not good enough, not worthy enough, or not pretty enough. These lies keep us from living within the vibration of love, making the money we deserve, or embracing the sexual inner goddess we all can be. 

We believe these lies because, in the past, they kept us safe. Keeping our higher existence from shining keeps us from feeling the discomfort and abandonment that comes from taking risks. However, avoiding those risks prevents us from becoming the highest versions of ourselves! Taking a step back, acknowledging our lies, and cutting through the bullshit are the only ways we can become completely elevated.

Instead of letting yourself crawl back into a place of safety, tell your lies they no longer have power over your life. Embrace the fully-embodied and self-aware existence you genuinely deserve. Tell your lies, “You served and protected me up until now, but I’m ready for a better life. I’m ready for more money. I’m ready for more love, for more joy, for more freedom, for more sexual liberation.” When you declare those things to yourself, it gives you the clarity to find the universal answers you need to keep your life going the direction you want it. 

When you declare to yourself that you want to be the fierce and empowered woman you deserve to be, you start to lay down new neural pathways in your brain. Instead of taking the paths to the automatic response toward your lies of self-preservation, your thoughts literally take a new way through your brain. In this process of creating new neural pathways, you reject that old life of safety in fear and rocket into a life powered by the courage of being unapologetically you.

Making your declarations, laying down new neural pathways, and embracing your inner-goddess all make it easier to sense the universal signs you’ve been missing. You’ll no longer walk down the beach and overlook your shells because you will be tuned in and ready to embrace what the Universe has for you. Ultimately, the link between your spirit and the Universe will transform you into the more joyful and unrestrained person you deserve to be.

Choose to Find the Universal Signs Around You

By rejecting your lies and embracing your truth, you gain the necessary tools to find universal signs. You only need to be open and willing to accept yourself for the beautiful creature you truly are. When that happens, you can feel what it means to be fully connected to the world around you and move freely in your vibration.

That’s the good stuff, and it’s the life that I choose to live. Do I forget my truth sometimes and fall off track — of course. 99% of the time, though, I am fully embodied in the vibration of wealth, love, joy, sensuality, and intimacy. It is my state now because I chose to lay down those neuropathways and say no to the lies.

I’m calling you to go beyond your lies and reservations as well! I’m calling you up and bringing you up to my vibration because you are ready. You are worthy, and you are capable. If you “fail,” you’re learning and growing. Fail hard, fail fast, and move forward. This is the journey, and the journey takes courage.

Let’s end this article with a challenge. I want you to take the next steps toward your purpose and resonate with universal signs. Ask the Universe right now, “What’s on your heart, dear Universe? What’s my next step towards my purpose?” Then be on the lookout for the signs. When you find them DM me on Instagram, @iamtaylorsimpson. Let me know if it hits you immediately or takes a bit. It doesn’t matter how long it takes – just let me know when it does! 

I honor you and thank you for coming on this journey of self-exploration and higher vibes with me. Always be receptive to universal signs and how they can change your life. I love you, and I see you. And remember — always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • The importance of noticing and paying attention to the signs that hold the answers from your guides
  • The beauty of pausing and looking around at what you have right now
  • What gets to happen when you feel like you’ve taken a step back in your progress
  • How you can start noticing the signs instead of just walking past them
  • What truly happens when we allow ourselves to be present in our body
  • Learning how to acknowledge the lie after the universal sign and dive fully into trust 
  • How listening to the universal signs directly correlates to being in alignment with your truest self