Christ Consciousness, Embodying Isis & The Divine Feminine with Monique Benabou : Episode 265


Hello, beautiful! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

I want you to take a deep breath before we dive into the juicy goodness I have for you today. Take a minute to connect with yourself and acknowledge everything that you’ve already accomplished today. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling?” and let that feeling settle over you. Breathe it in. Exhale it out. 

Now, in your mind’s eye, envision the kind of person you want to be and how you want to feel. Put your face in that vision — being the person you want to be with the feelings you want to have. Watch that version of yourself take a deep breath in and exhale it out. 

You are closer than you realize to becoming whatever version of yourself you just imagined. With the simple practice of embodiment, you can step into the highest version of yourself much quicker than most people realize. And today, I have a special guest, Monique Benabou, to walk you through exactly how to do that!

Monique is a magical human. My conversations with her have literally felt like they were shifting my DNA. Today, we’re talking about what an abundant life is and how to alchemize your heart’s desires. We’re also diving deep into what it takes to embody divine feminine energy.

Sis, if you’re wondering whether or not today’s message is gonna get wild, it is — it totally is. And I am so excited for you to receive it. There is literally so much good stuff waiting for you. So, let’s get started!

Who Is Monique Benabou?

Monique Benabou is a coach and mystical musician — at least, that’s the best way I know how to describe her. She is the embodiment and expression of divine music that touches your soul, initiates healing, and draws you to the places you’re meant to be. 

She’s been singing and studying music for as long as she can remember. Gradually, she learned how to use this powerful gift to navigate her own inner world. And, today, she creates and shares music to help others align with their divine essence, whether it’s a Sound Bath meditation on Instagram, writing and releasing EPs on Spotify, or live performances (pre-COVID, of course). 

She is also a vocal coach who helps individuals own their voice, whether it’s for a vocal performance or personally stepping into their highest self. 

Whether or not you’re interested in music, I think you’re going to find today’s message enlightening and exciting! 

What an Abundant Life Is and How to Experience It

In one way or another, I think we’re all trying to create an abundant life for ourselves. Financially, physically, and relationally we want to feel satisfied. And if we’re honest, we don’t want to be just satisfied. We want to be happy AF! Eventually, an abundant life ends up feeling elusive, like no matter what you do, it’s just out of reach. 

I think an abundant life begins to feel most elusive when we have the wrong definition of it and measure it with the wrong things. That’s why I loved Monique’s definition of an abundant life. Her definition doesn’t have anything to do with things or accumulating wealth. It has everything to do with living in alignment and effortlessly receiving what you desire.

“Living in abundant life feels like living from a place of alignment and honesty in every moment because when that happens, the fluidity in which that you are able to access, be part of, and be used [in the world] is unobstructed. [That’s when] abundance, for me, is a rolling tide. It’s constantly flowing in.” – Monique Benabou

If you want an abundant life like the one Monique described, you need to know how to identify and overcome obstructions — anything that gets in the way of abundance flowing to you. Monique said you could identify obstructions as any thought or limiting belief that separates you from what your heart desires.

“An obstruction can be your mind, thoughts, limiting beliefs, … and choices compounded into a reality in which you are experiencing suffering and frustration. It can be a physical block, energetic block — anything keeping you from or separate from your connection to all Source, self, love [and] what it is that your heart desires.” – Monique Benabou

I love how simply Monique defined an obstruction: Anything — physically or energetically — that separates you from what your heart desires. Obstacles like that can keep us on our toes, can’t they? Especially the emotional obstructions because they can pop up at any time. 

Sis, this is just another reason why an abundant life seems so elusive. We have to actively and continually move through our obstacles to live in alignment with and receive everything our heart desires. 

Monique said she moves through obstructions in two steps.

“[When moving through obstructions], the most important part for me has actually been calling out the obstruction. … When it comes to the shadows that I work with … there’s a huge denial [that] what I’m actually feeling [is] part of that kind of shadow behavior. So for me, it’s been really powerful just acknowledging that something is there.” – Monique Benabou

I find calling out obstructions to be very powerful, too. Just like turning on the light at night when you’re scared eases the fear, calling out the obstruction deflates some of its power. After Monique acknowledges and calls out the obstruction, she asks herself these question to figure out how her body needs her to move through it:

“When [an obstruction] is there, I’m kind of invited to workshop it a little and spend some time with how to move it — is it to listen, is it to dance and move the energy? … Or do I need to sing? Do I need to move it up through my throat chakra? Do I need to speak it out? Do I need to share it [with] somebody or do I just need to make a different choice?” – Monique Benabou

I love this idea of tuning into yourself and asking yourself how your body needs you to move through the obstruction. Playfulness is super important to me right now in my elevation journey. As a result, sometimes moving through an obstruction means doing something fun and playful that has nothing to do with accomplishing or achieving. 

I want to encourage you right now to stop right where you are, put a name to whatever it is that’s standing between you and what your heart desires. Now, take a deep breath like we opened this post with and ask yourself, “What do I need to do to move through this block?” And go do it! Why? Because you deserve and are capable of an abundant and magical AF life!

How to Embody Divine Feminine Energy

One of the things I’ve been working on is tapping into the divine feminine energy of listening, receiving, slowing down and going with the flow. For me, it’s a conscious shift from masculine, go-go-go energy into allowing what’s meant for me to show up effortlessly. Monique is an expert teacher when it comes to this shift. She said that one of the best ways to begin this shift is choosing a goddess whose energy feels really good to you. 

“There are so many ways to kind of go at [embodying feminine energy, but the most] basic opening to this kind of work would be to orient yourself with [a] goddesses like Isis or Mary Magdalen, or the mother Mary, the divine mother archetypes, Sophia, things like this. You can orient yourself to their history, their lineage — you can read [about them].” – Monique Benabou

Monique said the purpose of choosing a specific goddess energy and studying her is to understand her legacy. As you understand her legacy, you can begin separating her energetic qualities from the glorified figures and statues we’ve come to know them by. You’re not so much trying to get to know the goddess you chose, as you’re trying to know the energy that draws you to her. 

“I take these archetypes, we’ll use Isis [as an example], and I like to remove the construct of their legacy. … If you can zoom out and take her out of a statue form … and look at Isis as a teacher or a guardian of a certain frequency or wisdom that is that she is the keeper of you [to] begin to study the embodiment of the goddess.” – Monique Benabou

In other words, seeing a goddess as the powerful energy she brought to the world instead of her statue is the first step to embodying her instead of copying her. The difference between copying and embodying is important, so let me clarify that. 

Copying someone is just repeating and replicating what they did. When you’re embodying, you’re bringing the same energy as someone else to your situation. That’s what makes embodiment so powerful. You’re not trying to do exactly what Isis did — that would be hard since our circumstances are very different. You’re bringing the same energy as Isis to your current experiences. 

It’s almost like you’re wearing the glasses of Isis, seeing everything from her perspective, and responding accordingly. So, as you’re reading and studying your chosen goddess, Monique said you need to note the elements she works with.

“[When] you study the embodiment of any archetype, you begin to deconstruct their wardrobe, meaning their personality, their shadow aspects, their divine aspects, or higher self aspects, [and] the elements that they work with. For Isis, she’s working with air. She’s working with fire. She’s working with gold.” – Monique Benabou

Monique said the final step to embodying divine feminine energy is matching up your personal parallels with what you learned about your chosen goddess.

“When you continue to kind of flesh [out] the meaning of the deities’ physical form, then you understand, [and] it actually has some kind of power. And then wherever you find your own personal parallels with this frequency, you know that’s really the opening.” – Monique Benabou

For example, if you love gold and want everything you touch to turn to gold, Isis is probably your gal — she’s all about gold! If intuition is important to you, Mary Magdalene might be the goddess you want to embody. And, if being a healer and clearing negative energy, Sophia will probably feel like aligned energy for you.

From there, you intentionally choose to make choices from that kind of energy. Monique said you could help yourself do this by putting visual reminders throughout your house and adding a short affirmation to your morning routine. 

Lovely soul, I wholeheartedly believe that the things you desire most in life are at your fingertips. Not only that, they want to come to you, easily. It’s up to you to align with the divine energy already woven into your DNA and receive, receive, receive. You are a goddess, so step into that energy and receive abundance!

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What can be an obstruction to abundance 
  • Ways to move through obstructions 
  • Shifting from the masculine into the feminine  
  • Fleshing through the embodiment of the deities
  • What is alchemy 
  • Life design through alchemy
  • Isis and embodying her archetype 
  • The Sophia Code 
  • Different divine beings
  • What is a Sophia ceremony 
  • The biblical sacrifice of the masculine 
  • Sound healing 

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