My Past Life Regression Experience & Lessons: Episode 237


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Have you ever been on a journey of self-discovery or inner healing where you have a certain expectation of how things will go? Like you decide to really lean into the internal breakthrough awaiting you. You open yourself up to receiving guidance and let go of any blocks you’re experiencing. Then suddenly, the Universe shows you something completely different than what you were expecting!

Well, that happened to me in the most previous past-life regression that I did while I was in Sedona. I’ve been doing a lot of inner work — playing, receiving, healing, and purging. In the midst of this, I felt called to go to Sedona, where I had this incredible experience of revelation, deep understanding, and confirmation to stay on the path I’m on.

It was the exact medicine my soul needed, but as I said, it was not the medicine I was expecting. I was expecting some vision of myself being a Joan of Arc of the 21st century. Instead, I received a sporadic timeline of events through the life of an outcast woman whose message I have the privilege of reviving and carrying to the world! 

I want to share this experience with you because, as I’ve sat with the lessons and integrated them into my life, I realized that they aren’t unique to me. There are so many little hidden nuggets and some very obvious nuggets that apply to all our lives. So even though the story I’m going to share with you is about my past life, it’s relevant because we are a collective conscious. As I heal, you can draw healing from my experience. And as you heal, I can draw healing from your experience. 

So, take a deep breath, release any blocks you might have, and enjoy the ride! 

What Is Past-Life Reading or Regression?

There are several ways to do past-life readings, but let’s talk about what a past-life reading is before we go over that. Past-life readings are rooted in the belief of reincarnation or that our spirit is reborn in different bodies over a period of time. When we experience deja-vu moments that we’ve never actually encountered or struggle with challenges that we can’t trace to this lifetime, past-life readings allow us to find their genesis in one of our previous lives.

For example, people who have an unexplained fear of water or heights, they most likely had a previous life experience where they died by drowning or falling off a cliff. All your past and future experiences are stored in your subconscious, which is held in your soul. Because of this, when we do the deep work of accessing your soul and letting it tell us the story of our previous forms, we can have a deeper understanding of ourselves, experience healing, and move forward with more confidence. 

Methods Past Life Readings or Regressions include:

  • Reading the Akashic records
  • Deep meditation (This is a method you can do by yourself!)
  • Talking to healers
  • Hypnosis

I did my most recent past-life regression through hypnosis, guided by a healer who I will refer to throughout this post as a practitioner. Hypnosis puts you into a state where your body is like gel. You are completely relaxed and feel rooted in the ground. You literally don’t want to move. The practitioner guides you into a super deep meditation where you’re aware of what you’re saying and can hear yourself, but it also doesn’t feel like you. Basically, you hear yourself, but because you’re in this hypnosis state, your subconscious answers with memories from previous lives when the guide asks you questions.

Now that we’ve got that clarified let’s get into the story. Are you ready? Then, keep reading!

Scene One: Feeling Lost

My journey began by entering a tunnel. When I appeared on the other side, I was standing in the mountains. Nature surrounded me — tall mountains, lush forests, and dry warmth. These thin leather strappy sandals covered my feet. My clothes were leather, too, kind of a thin calfskin leather dress. I stepped outside of myself to see what I looked like, and I saw a tall, slender woman with beautiful long brown straight hair. 

I was Native American. It suddenly occurred to me that I was in Wyoming. The years unfolded one at a time, and I realized that it was the year 1941. So there I was, a Native American woman in the mountains of Wyoming in 1941.

My practitioner said, “Let’s go to a place in time that you’ll get the message you need.” And just like that, I was walking into a coal miner’s town. It was cold, with a dirt road down the main street lined with homes with wide porches, stores with big windows, and a few bars. As I was walking down the center of this road, I felt so confused. Like, why am I here? Where is this town? What am I going to do?

People were coming out of their homes, peering out their windows, and sitting on the porches watching me. I could feel their thoughts, “Why does she look so different? Who is this woman? What is she doing here? Is she evil or good?” I felt seen, but not seen in a safe way. As I watched, I saw my body language shrivel. My shoulders caved in, protecting my heart. I felt like a zebra walking through the streets of Washington, D.C. 

Finally, I sat on a bench to get my bearings, and my mind tore through thoughts like, “I’m not feeling accepted. What do I do? Why am I so different? Why don’t people look like me?” Before long, a man came over and sat on the bench with me. Immediately, I could feel his untrusting energy, and I became more uncomfortable. When I communicated how uncomfortable the situation was for me, the practitioner suggested that we switch scenes to something that would best support me. 

Note: You never want to be in uncomfortable situations mentally when doing this kind of past-life regression work. So, we switched to a scene that would best support me.

Scene Two: Preaching Happiness

Fast forward eight months, I am in the same town, but now I’m at a table with a family of four — a husband, wife, son, and a daughter. Everyone is sitting around the table. I’m standing up, and the only way I could explain what is going on is that I was talking about happiness. As I talked about happiness, their eyes glowed with interest and delight. They were smiling. They were leaning in. They had love in their hearts for me, and I had love in my heart for them. 

You could tell that I wasn’t supposed to be with them in their home, but they took me in any way. This family took me in against all the rest of the town’s beliefs about me. They loved me, and they saw my light. The kids were smiling and laughing. I was hand gesturing, talking on and on about happiness. And it felt so good. It felt like, “This is why I’m here. This is where I’m supposed to be. This is why I landed in this town.”

Then the practitioner asked, “What brought you to this town in the first place? Why did you end up here?” Immediately I got the word, “I was kicked out of my tribe for being different. I admitted to my tribe that I could see the teachings, and I was trying to expand on them to breathe new life into them. My tribe didn’t like that, so they kicked me out.”

That took me to another scene a few months later. I was in a back alley with an audience of about eight people — all adults, men and women. Again, I was preaching happiness. Everyone was leaning in intently, listening with eyes full of love and light. I was standing there with my shoulders back, heart open, preaching happiness. 

I kept saying, “You can leave this town. You can do what feels good to you. You don’t have to live this life of sadness. There’s so much more out there for you. The earth will take care of you. God will take care of you. You can leave.” I said it over and over. I could see that they were scared of the unknown and what their community might think about them if they left and went against the grain. 

Everything in me felt confident and aligned.

Scene Three: Aligned in My Purpose

In the next scene, I was leaving the town. The dirt road turned into the woods again. Instead of having my shoulders down when I entered this town just nine months ago, my shoulders were back. My head was high. My heart was open. I was aligned with my purpose. Leaving that town, I knew I had made an impact, and I could feel myself moving on to search for another town to spread happiness. My whole being was oozing with the knowledge that I was in my truth and that Mother Nature was supporting me.

At a bird’s eye view, I watched myself move through other towns, never cowering, and a little more confident each time I left to find another. I never hid when they would give me weird looks for looking different. I simply showed up and allowed the right people to come to me. 

Scene Four: Detroit

My practitioner said, “Let’s go to a lesson now.” I was transported to a place that felt like Detroit. In my head, it was a big industrial city in the sixties. I looked down to see that I was wearing this white silk chiffon dress with ornate gold embroidery around the neckline. I checked in with my body, and even though time had moved forward, I felt like I had gone 50 steps back.

I was in a hotel ballroom. It was a gala with white tables everywhere and a bunch of city people scattered around the room. My date was the host of this event. He was a very powerful, wealthy, and influential man. I was his girlfriend or fiance — definitely not married. As he got up to speak, I was acutely aware that my body language had changed. I wasn’t the confident woman who walked from town to town, preaching happiness. My shoulders were caved over my heart again. I was insecure, just like I felt when I entered that very first town.

I knew it wasn’t safe to be different this time around. These people weren’t treating me with love and respect and joy, like the small towns I preached happiness to. I could feel that these people viewed me as a weird threat. I felt like they all wanted to take my spot. They were jealous of me — the way I looked and the man I was dating. As I was sitting there, it all came rushing to me, and I was overcome with sadness. “How did I even get here? What allowed me to get to this place of forgetting my purpose? What happened to cause me to forget my mission was spreading happiness?” 

That’s when it dawned on me: When I got to this city just a few years before, I fell prey to others’ judgments. I kept trying to get people to hear my message of happiness, but they were so wrapped up in their busy-ness and pursuit of money and power that no one heard me. As I was trying to allow the people who needed me to come to me, I fell prey to the need to be seen and accepted. It was just like when I wanted to be accepted by the first tribe that kicked me out. I went in a full circle and forgot all the lessons I received through traveling and spreading happiness. 

Then I met this man who took me in because of my looks. He said that he appreciated my heart and message of happiness. He said that if I trusted him, he would get me in front of the right people who would hear my message of happiness. I trusted him. Then I became a victim to his need to control me. He made promise after promise but never followed through. Eventually, I became dependent on him and fearful that I would get kicked out of this tribe again if I didn’t stay with him. 

I felt so lost, and I was scared to be back out in the wilderness — fearful of starting again. So I gave up. I stopped spreading my message of happiness because of fear of judgment, fear of abandonment, and fear of those around me disliking my differences.

Scene Five: My Last Day

That’s when the practitioner said, “Let’s go to your final day on earth, the scene where you die. What’s it like?” BOOM, I was there, with grey hair lying in a four-poster bed. The guy I was with at the gala kind of took care of me financially, but I was dying alone. In my old age, I had no children, no husband, no family. So when the practitioner asked, “How are you feeling?” I started crying. I just kept saying, “I’m so sad. She’s so sad. She’s dying with so many regrets. She’s so alone. So unseen. So unloved. She’s dying sad without her story being complete. And with the mission of happiness that she gave up.”

So right there, I watched the soul of my past life quietly go to sleep. Her breathing stopped with her song unfinished, her words unwritten, and her message stifled. This woman, who started on a path of independence, sharing her message of happiness and stepping into more confidence, left the world in agony because her mission and purpose were left incomplete.

My heart broke for her because I know how easy it is to let the fear of other peoples’ judgments, the unknown, and abandonment win. I felt for her because, at that moment, I could clearly see the roots of so many of my current lifetimes’ deep ingrained fears. So, I reached out, placed my hand on her forehead, and told her, “I will finish your story.”

I promised her that I would finish our story of spreading the message of happiness and teaching others how Mother Earth, the Universe, God always supports us as long as we go inward and do the work to ascend. Then I thanked her for all of these beautiful reminders — who I am, my mission, and what I’m capable of doing. I thanked her for helping me remember my blind spots that I always need to be aware of for her sake and mine. And most of all, I thanked her for all the work she did to get us to where we are today.

Scene Six: The Final Message

After I thanked my past self, I ascended into a beautiful, white, universal, heaven-like space — a vast vortex of love. There I saw all of my guardian angels, spirit guides, ancestors from past lifetimes. They were all giving me messages like, “You’ve got this. Take the baton and grow even more in this lifetime. Remember who you were before this life. Remember who you are now. This lifetime is your time to get back on track. Remember that your previous self losing her path is just the reminder of what you’re capable of — losing your path. These stories of fearing judgment, abandonment, and being different are not yours if you rewrite your story.”

Then they gave me guidance: This is the lifetime where people are ready. The masses are ready — not just the eight people in the alley — to hear your message of happiness. You won’t get killed this time. You won’t have to work to get people to listen to you in this lifetime. They will come to you. All you need to do is keep showing up as yourself in all your differences. Be the unicorn that you are and go against the grain. You won’t get kicked out of your tribe this time. Use your voice and stand on your soapbox to spread truth, happiness, and wisdom. The Divine will give you everything that you need to teach and give to others.

Then in a loud unanimous voice, they said, “The world needs different.” Immediately, I was zapped back into my body and out of the hypnosis state. 

The Three Things I Learned from My Past-Life Regression

Obviously, that was not a 21st century Joan of Arc moment that I told you I had expected. But it was the exact experience I needed to unearth and confirm the things I was hoping for resolution and direction. Gosh, all the lessons I walked away with are so potent that I wanted to break them down real quick for you here:

#1. Being concerned about other people’s judgments is a deep-rooted fear. When my past-self walked through that first town with her shoulders bent, she automatically assumed that they were picking her part. It never crossed her mind that they might think she’s beautiful or the healer they had asked for. That’s how my present self thought of the world as a child, too. When I worked for the government or attended networking events in my young adult life, I fell prey to those same thoughts. It wasn’t until recently that I stopped believing people were picking me apart whenever they saw me and started to entertain the idea that people might be thinking good things.  

#2. Different is beautiful. When my past self took a seat on that bench, and the man joined her, she immediately assumed that “Different equals unsafe. Different draws bad attention.” My present self has lived that as her truth: It’s not safe to be different. People will take advantage of me because I’m different. People judge me because I’m different. Different is ugly. But, after walking through that experience, my present self now sees so clearly that different is beautiful. Being different is safe. Being different is triggering for some people, which allows other people to grow. So, being different is a gift. 

#3. Speaking my truth is enough, and it is my mission. Both instances where I saw my past-self preaching happiness in that first town confirmed that my present self is doing what she is supposed to be doing. I am responsible for sharing my light, and if people want to listen, they listen. If they want to unfollow because they’re triggered by it, then they can leave. Other’s responses don’t matter as long as I’m preaching happiness and reminding people what they’re capable of, because that’s my purpose. I’m honoring my promise to my past self and finishing the story she left unfinished.

In other words, it’s time to trade worrying about what everyone is thinking of me for giving everyone else something to think about. Here’s to owning our stories, our differences, and our truths!

Why You Need to Say “Yes” to Yourself and Your Message

Have you been trying to fit into a tribe that no longer accepts you because they’re not aligned with your message? Are you still clinging to the need to get everyone to approve of where you’re at or where you’re not? Are you still trying to meet society’s expectations, but your soul is like, “No, I’m ready to flow and lean into my truth?” 

Sister, it’s okay for your tribe not to accept your message, for others to disapprove of you, and for you do not live up to society’s expectations. Just don’t be like my past self, who disowned her message and died alone and heartbroken because her busy community refused to listen to her truth. If we let society’s expectations and other people’s judgments take over who we are, we will die with our story unwritten, just like she did. 

It’s your time to shine and say “yes” to yourself. Because when you say “yes” to yourself and align with your purpose, the higher powers will support you and give you everything you need to thrive! 

I hope this episode gave you a positive glimpse of past-life regression and a better understanding of how to navigate this world in a way that feels purposeful and magical. If this episode struck a chord with you, pass it along to someone you think it will encourage or share a screenshot of it on social media. Be sure to tag me @iamtaylorsimpson so I can see who’s listening!

I love you. I see you. I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you. And, as always, choose happiness, because, well, why the fuck not? 



In today’s episode, I am sharing about my recent past life reading in Sedona. Come with me as we travel through my past life journey. We talk about how I was kicked out of my tribe, why being you and sharing your message is so important. We also dive deep into the reasons you may experience present life fears. This is your reminder that the world needs different, the world needs you. Listen in on this episode and join me as we explore the lessons hidden within a past life.