Physical Symptoms That Occur When Expanding That Aren’t Talked About : Episode 298

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Why we have physical symptoms once we heal and release trauma from our body 
  • How releasing trauma and energy may manifest through your skin 
  • Which chakras are connected to the different symptoms 
  • The importance of learning to celebrate the released energy, even when it’s not cute
  • A sign that your root, sacral, and solar chakra are releasing 
  • What are some ways to go deeper when the energy is stuck and move through it
  • How irregular cycles is a sign of expansion 
  • Why you may feel exhausted after doing some heavy inner work
  • How to navigate through the mood swings that may happen when doing the inner work

Today we are talking about expansion symptoms, in particular 5 of the physical manifestations of it. In this episode, we dive into the different ways your body experiences release and gives you the opportunity to start embracing these not so cute or fun symptoms. I share with you the different chakras that are linked to these symptoms and tap on how to navigate and embrace them.