The Power of Compassion for 11 Days : Episode 270


Hey sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

How are you doing today? Give yourself this moment to just tune into what’s coming up for you. Honor that feeling or thought. See it as an experience — not as who you are — but what you’re experiencing at this exact moment. 

When I took the time to do just that earlier this morning, I was gifted with today’s message. It’s about something I’ve been watching my beautiful clients in Ascend do for the past few months. They are stepping into who they are and fully committing to loving and being one with themselves. 

The fear of judgment, abandonment, of not being worthy, or the fear of success often keeps women from stepping into their power. If you find yourself in this difficult spot, know that you aren’t alone, sister. But also know that in just 11 days, you can come out on the other side loving yourself like never before.

How so? Commit to having compassion for yourself (A.K.A. putting yourself first) for 11 days. During this period, you’ll see that all those doubts and fears are really just illusions, and you’ll learn that loving yourself is something that not only helps you but serves the world around you! 

And with that, let’s dive into the ways embracing the power of compassion will fucking transform your life! 

Shifting into the Higher Frequency of Compassion 

Compassion operates on a higher frequency than fear, doubt, shame, and any other negative emotion. Those negative emotions and limiting beliefs send out a frequency that turns into a very dense, physical energy. They start off as smoke and turn into sludge the longer we hold onto them. In worst-case scenarios, this toxic physical energy turns into stuff like cancer or other physical alignments. It manifests in our bodies, our mental state, our relationships with others, and so many more aspects of our lives. 

Sounds fucking terrible, right? Thankfully, compassion does the exact opposite. Its frequency takes us from the 3D world to the 5D world, where it’s so much easier to love yourself. This frequency lightens us, casting those shadows aside and lifting us up to ascension. If you choose to stay in the 3D world with the negative, physical energy, you’re only continuing to be a victim. Sister — you were not born to be a victim. You were born to be a goddess! 

As you learn to have compassion for yourself, you find that you can work through any conflict or old wound with ease and grace. If you have a negative thought, you can tell yourself that it’s not who you are. For example, if you’ve struggled with body image in the past, and a negative thought comes up when you look in the mirror, you can tell yourself, “Interesting. That’s still here. That’s okay. It’s not who I am. It’s just an experience I’m having.” Before you know it, that thought has faded away! 

Sister, commit to loving yourself for 11 days and shift your heart into the frequency of compassion. While it may seem hard at first, that’s just you transitioning from the 3D world to the 5D world. That physical, negative energy wants to hold you back, but you were made for so much more. 

Manifesting Our Desires Through Love

Guess what else happens when you start vibing in the frequency of compassion? You can manifest opportunities, people, money, and anything else that aligns with your higher self because you’re in the frequency of love. That frequency is sending out signals into the Universe, saying, “Bring me more goodness! Bring me more love!” 

If you’re still in victim mode, you’re sending out a message that says, “I don’t want love. I don’t want goodness. I want things to continue to fail.” Sister, you’ll never receive what you desire if you’re a victim — it just doesn’t happen that way. 

As you start owning your power and loving yourself, you’ll also notice that some things and even people will start exiting your life. Part of manifesting your desires is getting rid of things that don’t serve you (and worse, things that bring you back to the 3D world). People are going to leave your life because they notice you’re different. You might end up losing your job because it’s no longer serving you. 

If we continue to stay in situations with unaligned people or careers because we’re afraid of hurting their feelings, we’re only doing them (and ourselves) a huge disservice. That low frequency is hurting them and us. 

So as you start your 11-day compassion challenge, trade shame for love. You’re going to receive so much more than you could ever imagine. Your life will literally change, and you’ll become more whole. You can transmute that love into a healing power that will erase your sexual shame, your physical ailments, your destructive money mindset, and your low sense of self-worth.  

Every moment is a gift — so seize it! Will you continue to confirm what’s not working in your life because it’s safer? Or will you take a risk by investing yourself, doing scary things, and moving into the 5D world? 

I’ve had the joy of helping thousands of women make that decision, and because of that, their lives are now completely different — for the better. You are ready to start loving yourself.

Loving Yourself Empowers Others to Do the Same

Sister — I see you, I love you. Before we wrap up, I want to encourage you to start this transformation by envisioning your higher self. Those negative thoughts, difficult situations, and limiting beliefs are NOT who you are! 

And guess what? When you commit to loving yourself, you are loving so many other people in the process because you’re showing them what it looks like to exist in the 5D realm. Yes, some people will leave your life because they’re still in victim mode and want to keep themselves safe. But others will see your energy, watch you manifest your desires, and be inspired by your example! 

Sister, it’s time to see yourself the way I see you because the world needs your light. You may feel like no one gets you at first, but know that there are communities out there who have ascended and created a space for you to be known and loved. You are never alone. 

This is just one of the things I love about the Abundant Life Experience — I actually just got off our monthly call right before I wrote this. Seeing those women grow together, be vulnerable together, and heal together is such a blessing. It’s fucking incredible, and you deserve to be a part of it

Start Loving Yourself Today!

Sister, commit to loving yourself for just 11 days and watch it turn into forever. You found this message for a reason — you’re going to start letting those shadows come up to the surface, and you’re going to honor them as experiences — not who you are. 

You don’t have to do this alone — I’m with you 100%. I want to be your accountability partner throughout your journey — your virtual cheerleader who is supporting you every second. When you heal, I heal. When I heal, you heal. It’s a cycle of neverending love and empowerment. I’m sending you so much love right now!

If you enjoyed today’s message, tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, on Instagram and let me know what your biggest takeaway was. Also, DM me with ways you’re investing in yourself this week and how you’re committing to loving yourself to the fullest! And lastly, don’t forget to share this message and episode with other women who need to hear it! 

And if you’re interested in connecting with other women in person as you walk through this journey, I have the perfect opportunity for you. I recently wrapped us hosting an Ultimate Girl’s Week in the jungles of Costa Rica, and due to so many women having FOMO, I’m going to do one more retreat this year! The Ultimate Girl’s Week was created for women to spend time in a divine feminine location so they feel safe, relaxed, and ready to do the deeper work that’s been keeping them back from being their true and fully embodied Goddess self.

After attending the Ultimate Girl’s Week, you will feel alive, expanded, and excited to step into your Truth and own who you are fearlessly! So many of the women on the past trip had so many spiritual breakthroughs and even healed from physical aliments! To get all the details, text COSTA RICA to 202-217-0704. And if you don’t live in the U.S. or Canada, just DM me over on Instagram, and I’ll give you all the info! Spots are filling up fast, so grab your spot! 

Thank you so much for reading this post — I hope it’s exactly what you needed. Until next time, always choose happiness, because why the fuck not?!


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Seeing your current situation as an experience
  • Start owning your uniqueness
  • Loving yourself fully, including the shadow side
  • Being yourself to inspire others
  • Raising your frequency from shame and fear
  • Show yourself compassion for 11 days
  • Remembering who you truly are
  • Opening yourself up to receive