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Receiving from the Quantum Field

Receiving from the Quantum Field

Receiving from the Quantum Field

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In this sizzling episode, Taylor invites us to embrace the void, that quantum field brimming with infinite possibilities.

As we journey through our spiritual awakenings, we realize there’s so much more to life than our human bodies and learn to dance with our egos.

Delving into our true selves, we release identities and transcend others’ projections, choosing the unknown with all its unpredictable, expansive results.

Let’s confront everything holding us back and play in the realm of infinite possibilities!

In this episode you will hear:

– Understanding how to embrace the void

– Learning to dance with our ego, not against it

– Transcending identity to see beyond our human selves

– Living authentically & overcoming the influence of past identities

– Choosing the unknown, unpredictability, and infinite possibilities

Identifying and challenging what restricts our expansive lives

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