What Happens When You Release a Limiting Belief for 24 Hours : Episode 273


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Today, we’re talking about the limiting beliefs that can hold you back every day, in all aspects of your life, and what the fuck you can do about it. These beliefs are like old tapes running in the back of your mind. They might have been there for a long time, affecting your career, your emotional state, your prosperity, and your relationships. The good news is it’s totally possible to release them and bring in empowering, life-affirming thoughts and ideas instead!

In this post, I’m going to show you an exercise that can really open your eyes to exactly what’s been throwing you off. We’re going to look at how your mindset affects your health, love life, relationships, everything. Remember, where your attention goes, your energy flows. So let’s work together to start shifting your mind towards the #AbundantAF life you deserve!

A Day Without Limiting Beliefs

How would you show up in your life today if all your limiting beliefs vanished? 

Write this question down in your journal. Take some time to really consider it, to feel the weight being lifted, to feel yourself expanding. 

It’s almost like that common question, “What would you do if it was your last day on earth?” except it’s deeper. Because it’s about understanding and seeing the illusions that have been keeping you from living to your full potential every single day — not just for this moment. Asking yourself this question can quite literally show you the blind spots keeping you from stepping into a more aligned version of yourself.

So let’s look at every area of your life, starting with your belief in yourself and your dreams. Maybe you have a vision of living in the jungle in a beautiful glass home. What limiting beliefs are keeping you from making that happen?

I don’t have enough money. That sounds scary yet exciting. What if it doesn’t work? How will I maintain a life like that?

Think about your vision board — whether it’s on your wall, on your Pinterest account, or just in your mind — and the limiting beliefs you have around what’s there.

Maybe you have a picture of a loving couple, happily married and living in a beautiful home in the country. Or maybe it’s you running a business, practicing self-care, or driving around in a fabulous red car. So maybe you see these things, and you want them, but then you have all these negative stories about them. 

I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough money. How would I make that happen? 

Maybe you have a limiting belief that you’ll never lose weight. Every morning you look in the mirror, and that negative narration comes in. You’re thinking of how far you have to go, you’re feeling defeated because you’re not seeing progress. Imagine you could stop that narration in its tracks. You suspend disbelief just for a day and tell yourself something else:

I love my body. Every day it gets easier to lose weight. Every day it’s changing and slimming and getting healthier and stronger.

How would you go about your life on that day? Would your conversations be different? Would you be telling your friends how frustrating it is to get in shape, or would you be talking about the progress you’ve made and how excited you are for the future? Words have power, so be mindful of conversations you have with others and with yourself. 

Moving Through Fear and Resistance

Often our limiting beliefs make us feel safe and protected. The mind wants to keep us in the zone of the familiar, affirming a limited worldview and protecting us from failure or disappointment. You can’t really blame your mind for that. It’s rehashing old data, like an outdated computer program. But you can recognize that it does not serve you.

It’s also important to take baby steps. The concept of forever is too much for the psyche, so shifting to just one day is an incredible hack to get your inspiration flowing. You can also try and bring some lightheartedness into it and make it into a little game. Say to yourself, “I’ll bring the limiting beliefs back tomorrow if I want my security blanket back.” 

But when you do it for just one day, you’re going to start to see some magical things happen. You’re going to feel differently. You’re going to feel more elevated, more expansive, more high vibe. Therefore you’re going to attract people, opportunities, scenarios that also are vibrating at that frequency. So my guess is that in 48 hours, you’re going to want to keep playing this game, and then you’ll want to do it for 72 hours. And then a week goes by, and then a month goes by, and then this is your normal way of living.

A Limiting Belief About Health and Beauty

I’ll be the first one to tell you — I slip into the same limiting patterns that everyone else does. I’ve been doing this spiritual work for a long time, and it still happens to me. So that just shows you how easily the mind can revert to its default programs.

Some of you may know that I dealt with scalp issues for many, many years. I’d thrashed my hair by bleaching it repeatedly, and I ended up with dermatitis on my head. Not only was my scalp constantly itchy, but my hair started to drastically thin out and break. And I kept thinking: My hair is never going to grow back. It’s not going to get thicker again. I was getting really frustrated because I’ve always had beautiful, healthy hair.

And one day, I was like, wait a minute. I’m giving attention to what I don’t want to keep happening. So what if today I focused on my hair getting healthier. What if just for today I keep affirming:

I love that my hair is getting healthier. My scalp is healing; the itching is gone. My scalp is breathing. It’s happy. 

And just imagine, I was saying all of this while I had a saran wrap on my head with holes in it to let the hair grow out because that’s what you have to do with dermatitis. Not a pretty picture, but guess what? My hair is the best it’s ever been. My scalp is healed because I chose one day to think, “Oh no, I’m going to actually practice what I preach.”

Limiting Beliefs About Friends and Family

There’s nothing more important and also trickier to navigate than the beliefs we hold about our personal relationships. We’ve all had a lot of conditioning, experiences that may have caused us to dim our light and forget about our worthiness. This can affect how we stand up for ourselves and determine if we even think we can. So maybe you struggle to create boundaries. Maybe you have some toxic people in your life that you need to release.

So here’s a limiting belief:  If I cut this person out of my life, they’re going to judge me. They’re not going to love me anymore. They’ll talk about me behind my back. Or they’re going to abandon me, which brings up all my abandonment issues. See where I’m going with this?

Well, what if those beliefs were gone? What would that look like for you? If just for today, you begin to empower yourself in your relationships because you don’t have any baggage, fear, or doubt. How would you show up then? How would you engage with the toxic ones … you know who I’m talking about. The ones in which the soul contract was completed a long time ago, but you’re still continuing to fuel it due to stories, doubts, fears, judgments, all of these limiting beliefs. So how would you show up today if they didn’t exist? What changes would you make? What conversations would you have, or conversations would you not have? 

Let’s look at another scenario. Say you want to build your community with positive, aligned soul sisters. But you think women are catty, they’re mean, there are no amazing women in your small town. Now let’s replace that story with this one:

I love knowing there are other women in my town who are also looking for other like-minded women. I know that when I reach out to a woman that inspires me, she’s going to be excited to respond back, and we’re going to be best friends because I’m amazing. And of course, people want to be in my energy because I’m full of love and light. And I’m aligned.

Limiting Beliefs About Love

Do any of these sound familiar? There are no good men left. You can’t trust men. Guys are after one thing. The good ones are taken. 

Or maybe you hold beliefs about your value when it comes to calling in a partner. You have low self-esteem, or you don’t feel like you’re worthy of calling in an amazing human. You always pick bottom feeders or people who you can settle for. 

What if today, you own your worthiness? You own your queendom (because spoiler alert, you are a queen). How would you show up, knowing you are worthy of only the most amazing partner, the most high-vibe, abundant, loving, conscious partner you could ever dream of. What would getting ready for a date look like? How about when he picks you up? How about as you go about your day … say at the grocery store. Maybe you’d hold your shoulders back a little more, being open to whatever partner wants to come in. You carry yourself in new ways, your vibe has totally shifted, and so are the people who notice you.

Limiting Beliefs in Your Career

What limiting beliefs do you have in your business or your career that you know are holding you back? How about:

If I raise my prices, no one will pay me. If I start a business, no one’s going to find it. No one’s going to relate to it. No one’s going to need my services. If I launch this program, there’s just going to be crickets. So I’m just going to continue to delay it. I’ll avoid showing up on my Instagram stories or Facebook or whatever because no one’s going to comment anyway. 

How does it feel to let all of these stories go? They’re just stories. You don’t have to give them power today. You’re going to share your message because you know someone needs it. It might be just one person. It might be thousands of people. It doesn’t matter. You show up because it’s meant for someone. 

Would you launch that program? Would you finally start that business? Because you don’t have the fear of failure. You don’t have the fear of success. You don’t have the fear of judgment anymore, just for today. Can you see how this ripple effect can be created in every area of your life?

It’s So Worth It to Release Limiting Beliefs

Now, you might be realizing that this takes quite a lot of focus and energy. And as you might imagine, it’s not easy. And it’s not meant to be! 

We can’t change everything in a day. That’s ok — we’re just doing an experiment. We’re getting out of our comfort zone, ripping the bandaid off of the security blanket. Feeling that expansion, that sense of possibility. 

Let’s face it, most of us are resistant to change. Our ego wants to keep us safe. Our neurons seek familiar pathways. So how can you stay motivated? My advice is to think about how you’re going to feel at the end of the day. When you lay your head down on the pillow, how are you going to feel, knowing that you’ve stretched the limits of possibility out of the same old same old into something new? Change is scary, but do you know what’s scarier? Staying exactly where you’re at. 

And guess what? I’m here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to join my community of boss babes who are stepping into their power, their authenticity, and their queendom. We’re here for you, and we want to support you. When one person heals, we all heal.

I hope this message hits home for you! If it did, let me know on Instagram! Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and let me know how you’re dismantling your limiting beliefs! You can also share this message with someone you feel needs to hear it. 

You’ve got this babe. And remember — always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Showing up without any of your limiting beliefs 
  • Limiting beliefs around your vision boards
  • Show up for your health and fitness
  • Stop giving attention to what you don’t want to create
  • How to create strong boundaries
  • Calling in your soul sisters and soulmate
  • Limiting beliefs around your business