Releasing Sexual Shame, Plastic Surgery and the Ascension Process: Q&A Style : Episode 255


Hey, sister! Welcome back to A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

How are you doing today? Before we dive into today’s juicy Q&A, give yourself the gift of checking in with yourself. I know I do this at the beginning of almost all of my messages, but that’s because I believe your time is precious and valuable. 

When we check in with ourselves before receiving, learning, and doing deep work, we create space for the golden nuggets to sink in. That’s why I love inviting you to check in with yourself. I know it’s easy to go from one thing to the next without slowing down, so here I am reminding you to get present and create space to receive more goodness!

Every so often, I invite my Instagram followers to ask me whatever they want. In other words, I let them choose the topic of an upcoming message. Then I randomly pick a few questions to answer. Today, by audience request, we’re talking about simple strategies to call-in new clients, what to do with anxiety before cosmetic surgery, and three steps to release sexual shame.

It’s a well-rounded message that will help you be more creative and financially abundant. It will also help you feel freer in the bedroom and confident in your own skin (whether you get a boob job or not). 

Sounds fun, right? Let’s dive into this magic!

How to Call-in New Clients

A while back, I recorded a podcast on the seven steps I intentionally take to call-in clients. I strongly encourage you to listen to the whole thing, but here are three action steps to get you started. 

Call-in Clients Step #1: Know the Problem You Solve

I’m constantly delivering lots of high-value content to my followers through email and social media. While I’m not a huge proponent of niching down, I do believe it’s crucial to have one very specific problem that you solve. 

A specific problem is different from a niche because choosing a niche is choosing a specific group of people you’re going to serve. Selecting a problem that you solve keeps your message very specific but allows you to be a multi-passionate person and approach it from all sorts of angles, like myself! I talk about money mindset, chakras, divine feminine, energy, and creating an aligned business. In other words, I talk about a little bit of everything, but it’s all around solving the specific problem of not feeling aligned with your truth. Everything I teach can be traced to helping women return to their truth and rediscover their inner goddess so that they can create abundant life. 

Once you clarify the problem you solve, you can visualize the woman you’re trying to help and speak directly to her whenever you’re creating content. This is exactly what I do whenever I’m writing content or recording a video. As a result, my audience often tells me that they feel like I’m speaking directly to them! 

So, action-step #1 is to clarify the specific problem you help others solve and visualize that person every time you create content for them.

Call-in Clients Step #2: The Sticky Note Process

This is a tip I picked up from my dear friend, Jess Glazer. I don’t know if it has a fancy name, but I’m going to call it the “sticky note process.” This process works for general content creation or course creation. It’s amazing, it works, and it saves a ton of time! 

Once you have the main problem that you solve, you create subcategories. Write each subcategory on a sticky note. A few of my subcategories would be money mindset, divine feminine, chakras, and business. I like to write my subcategories in blue because I can visualize them as the sky, but coloring coding is completely up to you. 

Underneath each of those, you can add all the tools, personal experiences, client proofs, stories, and resources that come to mind as supporting or inspiring ideas in different colors. You can do this in one big brain dump or leave the subcategories on your wall and add thoughts beneath them whenever an idea comes to you. 

Now, whenever you create content, record a podcast, write an email, or go live on Instagram, you can look at your wall and immediately find content inspiration that supports your main goal! 

Call-in Clients Step #3: Believe You Are Worthy Right Now 

Lastly, make sure you are calling in your dream clients from a place of enoughness and worthiness. Something I see happen so often — and I was totally there at one point — is women calling in clients from a place of trying to prove their value. They think things like, “As soon as I get this many clients, or make X amount of money, then I’ll know I’m worthy.” But that’s not true. You are worthy, right now, exactly as you are!

When you get into the energy of, “I’m ready to hold space for epic women and support them,” your ideal clients feel it and are drawn to you. But if you’re showing up from a place of, “I need clients. I need to make money.” That’s icky and low vibe. Your ideal clients will feel that and be steered away. That’s why I truly believe one of my most effective tools in growing a business is energetically aligning with every single woman that’s ever worked with me. I call them in. I open the space for them. I love them, and I honor them as a human, not just a client or a number. 

Chasing numbers or clients is low-vibe. If you really want to call-in clients, you need to operate from a place of holding space and allow women to come to you who you can support in an equal exchange of energy. That’s when you get into the frequency of receiving — your ideal clients end up feeling connected called to you, and your DMs blow up from people saying, “Hey, what do you have to offer? I would love to work with you!” 

Magical soul, you are absolutely worthy and capable of having hundreds of DM notifications and a full load of clients. Clarify the specific problem you solve, create a content bank that supports solving that problem, and be open to supporting the women you are meant to serve.

How to Deal with Anxiety Before Cosmetic Surgery

The way this question was worded is so profound to me that I’m going to share it here: “I plan to have a cosmetic procedure, but now I’m feeling more anxious than empowered.” 

First of all, I’m a proponent of whatever you feel called to do to your body from a place of love. I have a boob job. And I routinely get Botox. I even get some filler in my lip. My take on cosmetic surgery is this: I am a spiritual being in this human meat suit experience. So I’m going to do human things.

That being said, if you’re going to have a cosmetic procedure done, I think it’s super important that you check in with your “why.” Are you getting the work done to fix something that is “broken?” I’m not talking about a broken nose. Obviously, you need to fix that. I’m talking about getting a procedure done to look better for other people. Are you doing it because you don’t feel like you’re good enough or pretty enough?

Get to the root of those needs. I believe if we do cosmetic procedures from a place of unworthiness, that energy is going to be infused into the thing that we are putting in our bodies. It’s also why I believe there are so many breast implant illnesses.

I have a lot of friends who have had adverse reactions to implants and had them removed. When I asked them, “Why did you get it in the first place?” They all answered, “Well, I wanted bigger boobs. I was super flat, and I didn’t like it. I was insecure in my body.” All these external insecurities came up. On the other hand, all of my friends who got breast implants and didn’t have symptoms — I’m raising my hand right now — got theirs from a place of self-love and enoughness. 

All that to say, if we put anything foreign into our body from a place of not-enoughness, including food, that thing is going to be infused with a lower frequency energy. So, when we get a breast implant from a place of, “I’m not pretty enough, I feel insecure because I don’t have big boobs,” our body feels the low frequencies and registers the implants as bad. On the flip side, when we add them from a place of love and worthiness, your body accepts them! 

So, if you’re experiencing anxiety before cosmetic surgery, let that be an opportunity for you to look into what’s behind the stress. More than likely, your intuition is trying to get your attention through discomfort. So give yourself the gift of really getting honest with yourself. It doesn’t mean you won’t ever get the procedure done. It just means you might need to wait until you’ve healed and can have the procedure in an energy of love.

How to Release Sexual Shame

As the women in my community and one-on-one coaching sessions are going through Ascension, it’s been really beautiful to hear the breakthroughs and healings that have occurred as women release shame from their sacral chakra. (In case you’re not familiar with that term, the sacral chakra is connected to our sexuality, creativity, and fertility.) 

I think this is a really important topic for us to discuss because when you heal your sacral chakra, you start to heal many other areas of your life. You show up differently, and you are received differently. You also manifest at a much more rapid and aligned rate. It’s fucking incredible. So if you’ve been avoiding working on your sacral chakra or sexuality, I want you to take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. 

Before we dive into this any further, divine being, I want you to release any shame around your sacral chakra. This is a journey so many women have to take, and it is so worth taking. This work is deep and will take time. Here are a few tips on how to begin this work:

Tip #1: Have a Support System

Having a support system around you is essential for something like this because things can get emotional. Unpacking with the wrong person can be very unhealthy. So, make sure that you have someone to lean on, talk with, and hold safe space for you as you process during this time. It can be your friend or mom. Just make sure you feel safe sharing with that person. 

Tip #2: Let Go of the Beliefs That No Longer Serve You

Before you can release a belief that is no longer serving you, you need to identify it. A good place to start this process is by looking at your upbringing. Look at your childhood and ask yourself, “How did my parents model sexuality? Did they talk about sex? Did you grow up in a very religious household?” Sexual shame is very common for women who grew up Catholic or any other religion that avoided talking about sex. 

As things come up, take time to identify who modeled those beliefs or behaviors for you. When you get clear on who passed it down to you, re-empower yourself by saying, “This belief isn’t my truth. It doesn’t align with my higher self. I am no longer going to walk it out with my life.”  

Sister, make sure you’re saying these things from a place of gratitude instead of frustration. Acknowledge that the people who gave you those beliefs were simply passing down what they knew. They didn’t know any better. When you can practice this ritual from a place of compassion, you shift your energy from being a victim to being the divine goddess you are. 

Tip #3: Identify the Beliefs You Want to Lean Into

Now that you’ve identified and released shame-filled beliefs towards your sexuality, the next layer is getting clear on what feels good to you. In other words, what beliefs do you want to start leaning into? Do you want to feel sexy? Do you want to feel free to voice your desires in bed? Whatever that new belief is, ask yourself, “What do I need to work on and deepen to become that version of myself?”

If you want to feel sexy, clarify the things in your life that don’t make you feel sexy — old undies, lack of confidence in your physical appearance, a toxic or codependent relationship. If you want to feel free to voice your desires in bed, why don’t you feel free now? Are you just not communicating what you want, or are you shut down every time you express your desires? In other words, you’re asking yourself, “Why don’t I feel the way that I want to right now? And, what do I need to do to feel the way I want to?” 

Sister, I know getting to the root of your struggles can feel super scary, but you release shame with each layer you pull back. Before you know it, you’re going to feel more empowered and intuitive than ever. Healing your sacral chakra is one of the more powerful things you can do as a woman to unlock your creativity and queendom. 

If this journey still feels overwhelming, just take these tools I gave you and start chipping away at what’s been holding you back. Working through trauma takes time, but it’s so SO worth it. Be patient with yourself and know that you are not alone!

Why You Need to Listen to This Podcast Episode Today…

I hope you enjoyed this fun and juicy Q&A. Honestly, I answered three more questions on the podcast than I did in this post — I just couldn’t fit all the amazing content here. So, if you struggle staying consistent with your workout plan or need some advice on pivoting with grace, make sure you listen to the whole episode here. 

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to start calling in new clients
  • Aligning with the clients you hold space for
  • Knowing how to gracefully pivot when you feel called
  • Is cosmetic surgery a part of self-love 
  • Putting foreign objects into your body from high vs low frequency
  • Releasing shame from your sacral chakra 
  • Finding your way to keep you active and on track with your goals
  • What is the ascension process