Self-Empowerment, Abundance & Manifesting through your Mindset- with Danette May : Episode 288


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you! 

Today, I’m super excited to focus on how you can take control of your life. This doesn’t mean that you control circumstances, people, or anything else external. It means that you know and own the keys to a life of wisdom, one that opens the doors to manifestation and abundance. That’s what empowerment is. While we forget how powerful we are again and again, we get to remember it again and again too. Sister, you have the tools you need to have a life you love.

What kind of life are you craving? Where do you want to uplevel? Are there blocks that you just can’t seem to get around? We all experience this, but when we choose to use our tools and when we begin to believe that they can work, magic starts to happen.

My guest today is the beautiful Danette May, an expert in healthy living, nutrition, manifestation, and mindset hacking. In this episode, Danette and I dove deep into the power of your mind to create limitations or abundance and how you can harness it to change your life.

Who Is Danette May?

Referred to as America’s leading healthy lifestyle expert, Danette May is a coach, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of Earth Echo Foods. She organizes her life around three pillars of healing — the healing of mind, body, and spirit. She’s shared her expertise with her private coaching clients, typically women, as well as with companies interested in transformational work.

Danette’s personal transformation indicates her true nature as a healer. She rose from an incredibly challenging experience of losing her son in childbirth. After a dark night of the soul, Danette’s evolution began. She committed to changing her mindset, body, and spirit. As old patterns died, much of her old life died away. She rose from being divorced and financially challenged to being the abundant leader we know today. I know you’re going to learn so much from her, so let’s get started!

The Path of Self-Empowerment

What does empowerment mean to you? Does it mean you have the upper ground in every situation? Does it mean you feel powerful? Or does it mean you are aware — aware of your triggers, aware of your opportunities, and aware of how to manifest the abundant AF life you want?

I think you know where I stand on that. A path of empowerment requires you always to consider how to grow from anything life throws at you. You never plateau. There are always more layers, and Danette is so on board with me.

“It’s not something you do, and then you’ve arrived. … I recognize that I’m going to be on this journey … until I take my last breath, and it’s the greatest journey that I get to be on. … That should free everyone up just to know that you don’t have to do one thing or do it really well and then you’ve arrived. It’s constant work that can be minute by minute, day by day. [It] just depends on what’s triggering for you or what’s coming up for you.” – Danette May

Here’s an example of how Danette mastered one of her wounds and transformed it into a new way of being. Danette explained that she’d always had this wound with women, where she felt like they tried to befriend her for ulterior motives, such as her status and business. She shared that there had been several instances where she found out that it was true — she had been used. And as Danette explained, wounding ends up manifesting in your body.

“Let’s say I’m aware of a judgment or aware of a feeling. … Any time you feel a pain in your gut, … like an uncuffed or a straight restriction [in] your throat or your shoulders, that’s your opportunity. So first you look for your opportunity.”– Danette May

So, Danette cleared this issue during a bodywork session. She shared that she could feel it in her hip — that when the bodyworker focused there, she could see their faces pop up. From there, she was able to forgive them. She mentally acknowledged them — acknowledged that their souls were attracted to each other to exchange lessons. In doing so, she was able to release this wound and stop attracting women into her life who fit that pattern. In doing so, she changed her pattern and manifested the relationships she desired.

Sisters, do you see your problems as roadblocks or as opportunities? Do you resign yourself to things being the way they’ve always been? Do you resign yourself to fate? To limitations? Or do you realize the potential for clearing a pattern that’s maybe been with you for lifetimes?

Take some time to write out the negative patterns that leave you feeling disempowered. What are those patterns teaching you? How can you learn from it? How can you release anger and irritation at yourself or others and free yourself of blocked energy that keeps you stuck?

Transforming Judgement into Wisdom

As you can see, I love taking challenges and turning them into blessings. Danette is right on board with me. She described her process for working through judgments. Remember, judgments are opportunities — they’re windows into our wounds, trigger points that we can learn to alchemize into wisdom, empowerment, and growth. Danette described her approach to them beautifully:

“Write the judgment down … and then go ask yourself, ‘Is that true? Is that absolutely one hundred percent true?’ And then, of course, [you’re going to say no to] most of them. You’re going to say, ‘No … I don’t really know that to be 100% true.’ And then you can write down what a potential flip of that [is].” – Danette May

An example she shared would be envying a friend who seems to flaunt their wealth, showing off their new car and their pet pig on Instagram. Your thought process might be something like, “Who does she think she is? Why is she being so braggy? Who flaunts their pig and their car on Instagram like that?’’

The next step would be to ask the question, “Do I know that to be 100 percent true?” Is it really true — without a doubt — that your friend thinks she’s hot shit because of what she’s posting? The answer would be “No, that is not one hundred percent true.” 

So the next step would be to look at the opposite of that. The opposite of being abundant would be living in lack. So you would then look at your own life and see where you are feeling lack, where you aren’t claiming abundance for whatever reasons. Because if you are not claiming it, you will naturally project judgment. At this point, you would have to acknowledge that you have been triggered by your friend because you are not claiming your abundance.

Now, you have something to work with. You’ve identified a limiting belief, and now you gets to shift that belief into an empowering one. This might be something like, “I am abundant. I can have a pig and a home and a car and vacations just like her. I am abundant.” You then repeat those every day.

Isn’t that amazing? How cool that we can take our own insecurities, fears, and negative feelings and alchemize them into empowering beliefs that continue to show us just how much we’re capable of! There will always be limiting beliefs. There will always be more work; that’s the fun part. Every day we have opportunities to take challenges and play with them. 

What types of judgments do you have? Think back on your day or your week. Where did you feel judgemental? Who triggered you? Do you see any patterns of types of things you tend to judge? Now be honest — are you just a little bit triggered by them? Is there something about them that you wish you had? 

Maybe you know someone who is posting all the time on social media. Maybe they are constantly sharing their opinions about everything or sharing details about their lives. You might think, “Who does that person think they are? Why do they think everyone cares so much about them? Do they really think they’re an authority on everything?”

Next step — is it one hundred percent true that they think everyone cares about them? Is it one hundred percent true that they think everyone wants to hear them? 

And now, let’s take it further — you might ask, “Is there somewhere in my life where I do not believe people want to hear me? Is it that I’m afraid to expose myself and afraid no one will care what I have to say, which leads me to avoid asking for the attention that I really want? And how can I shift that? I can affirm, ‘I deserve to be seen and heard. When I speak up, people listen. When I show who I am, people appreciate it.’”

How to Uplevel Your Frequency

“Your frequency is more potent than your strategy. … Business is my spiritual journey. Business is my biggest trigger. It’s also my greatest joy. I love creating businesses. I love operating them … The reason I’ve been able to do this in such a short amount of time is because I’ve really tried to harness this idea that I need to control my frequency.” – Danette May

The biggest mistake we make — and I make it too, believe me — is to try and plow through problems with low vibe attitudes, feelings, and actions. So something isn’t working, and we try harder. We get stressed. We put more effort in. We get angry. We feel defeated. 

What’s the opposite of that? Well, for starters — relaxation, acceptance, joy, and ease. So, when we take a moment to remove ourselves from a challenging situation, we can change our frequency. When we change our frequency, we change the problems. We bring something new to the situation. It takes practice, but it works.

“The frequency of love, the frequency of joy, the frequency of fun. Those are the ones that feel really good for me and what speed dial my success. … And so I have outlined what is fun for me, what brings joy for me, what creates love within me. And I wrote out a whole list, and I go do those things. So instead of beating down something that I can’t fix, I’ll go for a hike. I’ll go for a run. I’ll be like, ‘You know what? I’m going to go to a coffee shop and read the best book and local latte ever and get back into joy.” – Danette May.

Sisters, what would it be for you? What would bring you joy? What would make you laugh? Is there a special show you like or a movie that comforts you? You need relaxation, rest, and joy to thrive. This is not optional. For those of you who are workaholics, don’t think you can get away with going non-stop without negative consequences. Joy is non-negotiable. See how your life flows better when you are feeling good and when you take breaks.

Habits for Abundance, Empowerment, and Manifestation

Living a life of abundance and empowering yourself to manifest your dreams requires consistency. Habits make up most of our day, and it’s the little things that often make the biggest difference. So, having the habit of a morning or evening routine will benefit your mind. For example, having the habit of waking up with the sun is a good habit for your body. Even nature loves habits. Think about how the flowers and plants sync up with the daily rhythms of the sun and moon. Every part of us, even our soul, loves habits.

I asked Danette what her most important habits are. Like most of us, her best habits start in the morning.

“I get up before anyone else’s up, and ideally right before the sun comes up, … and I make something that’s really nutritious for my body. Whether that’s lemon water … cacao bliss, or whatnot, … I’m honoring my body. I’m honoring this moment. And I’m setting the intention to commune with my highest self. So I set that intention, and then I write at the very top, ‘What would you have me know?’ And I just write whatever comes up.” – Danette May

Such a great idea, right? I love journaling, and it’s even better first thing in the morning when you’re connecting to your higher self. Journaling has seriously saved me so many times. Danette shared that this process, which she calls “Soul Journaling,” helps her make decisions.

“[ I write] two specific questions around … [business or relationships], … and I am always amazed at the beautiful things that come up, and I’m [going] to tell you, this is what’s helped our business tremendously —  ‘cause I’ll get ideas that I share.” – Danette May

Sisters, I invite you to get a special, pretty journal and set it out where you’ll see it first thing in the morning. I have a blue one with sparkly rhinestones on it, and I keep mine by an altar and my yoga mat. You can use it for channeled messages, for writing down what you want to manifest, or what you’re grateful for. Gratitude is one of the most powerful tools, and Danette does it every morning as soon as she wakes up.

Daily habits can also be bad habits — like scrolling on your phone, disconnecting from your body, and getting lost in comparison. That type of habit can eat up your day and your life. Danette shared her thoughts on it:

“Be empowered — put down your phone. You have intuition. You have wisdom coursing through your DNA, and every time you choose to scroll aimlessly, every time you choose to watch someone else’s story and downplay yours, you give away your power, and we need every woman stepping more and more into her intuition. So can you turn off the news? Can you put down your phone? Can you walk barefoot in nature? Can you just walk in nature and hear the sounds and touch and smell and just remember what’s already there. It just wants to be heard.” – Danette May

I’m so on board with Dannette. If you want to find out more about her offerings, don’t forget to follow her on Insta @thedannettemay. Check out her website for info on her private coaching — you’re so worth it! Oh, and don’t forget to check out her upcoming book Embrace Abundance. Pre-orders are available now!

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I love you. I see you. Cheers to mastering your mindset for an abundant life. And remember — always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What abundance means to Danette
  • Some common deep secrets a lot of women keep and are trying to heal alone
  • The beauty that comes after a woman shares her truth
  • What Danette is currently healing in her life
  • How to start navigating through releasing friendships and relationships that have expired and served their purpose
  • Why it’s so important for women to start healing themselves right now
  • Ways you can start the process of healing through the fear of judgment and lack of self-worth
  • A question to ask yourself to transition out of feeling triggered
  • How to tap into the frequencies of love, fun, and joy and what it does to your business
  • Danette’s morning ritual, journal prompts, and beliefs that set her up for success
  • Steps you can start taking to manifest your visions into reality
  • How to step into your dreams when you have no support
  • Who Danette’s book Embrace Abundance is for and how it came to be
  • The importance of tuning out and remembering your power

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