The Key to True Liberation : Episode 291


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • What my journey of liberation has looked like
  • Navigating through the fear of judgment and caring what people say or think
  • What happens when you move past the fear of judgment from strangers but now you fear judgment from friends and family
  • What is the concept of 1995 and understanding your “so 1995” belief 
  • How have your current beliefs been serving you, good or bad
  • Understanding where your current belief system came from
  • How to start noticing and breaking repeating patterns in your life
  • What happens when you liberate yourself from your life’s patterns


Today, we are diving into the key to true liberation. We talk about limiting beliefs and how you can start breaking the repeating patterns in your life. In this episode, I share with you a saying I use a lot and how turning it into a question of “What is my 1995 belief” can help you navigate out of the fear of judgment and into aligned action.