3 Ways to Attract Money : Episode 259

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Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

How do you feel about money right now? Take a deep breath and let your weight sink into the chair you’re sitting in. Allow yourself to acknowledge all the feelings you have towards money — the good feelings, bad feelings, and mixed-up feelings. 

It’s easy to feel like money controls our life, but it does not. Lovely soul, you control your life. Money is just one of the energies you get to interact with while in your meat suit on this planet. And today, I’m going to share with you three steps to attract money so that you can live your most abundant life. 

Originally, the content I’m sharing with you today was a live training. That webinar lasted for two hours! There were so many magical breakthroughs I was literally hoarse the next day from talking so much and celebrating with all the amazing women who showed up. It was such an incredible experience that I knew I had to share a piece of it with you. 

For the sake of time, this will be an abbreviated version. So, if you want to get the most out of what you learn, make sure you take my Money Frequency Quiz. This isn’t just your average quiz where you find out what “money personality” you have. I’m going to send you a detailed response about how you relate to money and simple action steps to unblock your chakras. After the first email, I’ll send you a few follow-up emails to continue supporting you as you welcome abundance into your life. 

With that said, if you’re ready to shift your relationship with money and start attracting abundance, keep reading!

Why You Need to Embrace the Fact that Money Is Energy

Money is energy. I’m going to unpack this with you using an analogy you may have heard from me before, but I’m going to share it again because it really hit home for everyone who made it to the live training. 

Let’s pretend I have a little unicorn in my hand. It’s my money unicorn, and it’s glowing. She has a beautiful flowing mane and stunning wings. She’s happy and healthy, just sitting in my hand. I enjoy having her there.

Eventually, I see an opportunity to invest my money unicorn into something. It could be an online program, retreat in Bali, groceries, putting gas in my car — anything, really. So I open my hand and let my money unicorn fly to this thing I’m investing in. In exchange, I know I’m going to receive a specific service or product.

Do you see how my money unicorn is energy? She’s alive. I happily let her go, and in exchange, I receive abundance. When my money unicorn is released, she tells all the other money unicorns that I am a person who respects money unicorns, doesn’t lock them down, and releases them with love, appreciation, and gratitude. Before too long, the word on the street is that Taylor appreciates money unicorns. So they continue to come into my life, and a cycle of abundance begins.

Now there’s another money unicorn you could hold. This one is weak. Her mane is all tangled, and she doesn’t glow. She’s dirty, and there’s a chain wrapped around her that’s connected to your wrist. This is the money — energy — you’re attached to. The chain is long enough for her to fly a little bit, but then it yanks her back into your hand. Every time you go to purchase something or invest in yourself, she can’t fly because she’s so exhausted. 

Something you need to know is that money unicorns have telepathy. With that telepathy, she tells other money unicorns, “Hey, do not come here. Avert! Avert! She is never going to let you go. And if she does, you’re going to be flying around with a chain on your ankle, feeling very tired.”

Sister, I know this might sound silly, but this is how the energy of money works. So which money unicorn are you cultivating? Are you releasing your unicorns with joy, knowing they’ll come back? Or are you hoarding your unicorn, fearing that if you let it go, you won’t have a money unicorn ever again? 

The first step to attracting money into your life is subscribing to the fact that money is energy. And when you hold onto it, the frequency of that energy is low vibe — even if you’re only holding on to $3. That’s why when you release money from a place of lack and scarcity, little to no money will come to you. But when you release money from a place of gratitude — even if it’s only $3 — your bank account will start growing. 

Bottom line: How you treat your money is how money will treat you.

Choose Your Frequencies 

Now that you know that attracting abundance starts with accepting that money is energy, the next step is taking responsibility for your frequency. This step is all about shifting from being disempowered to empowering yourself. So let me ask you, what type of energy do you have when you’re spending money? When you release money, are you going to commit to releasing it from a place of gratitude? Or are you going to continue live with a scarcity mindset?

You can’t have an abundance of money and also have an abundance of lack and scarcity. So which are you committing to choose? Your choice is made evident by the results you attract. Whatever is attracted to you is on the same frequency as your vibrations!

This is exciting because your heart vibrates in hertz. Hertz measures the frequency of waves. Your heart sends out measurable hertz that are 50 times more powerful than the hertz emitted from your brain. What that means is that when you allow disempowered thinking to overwhelm and control you, you quite literally send out massive wavelengths of those exact frequencies. But when you spend money — happily release your unicorn — from a place of love, you bump into other opportunities that are in that same frequency of love. 

This is how people who are dirt poor, with $3 in their bank account, all of a sudden receive an epic opportunity and start making money. They just trust. They invest from a place of love and gratitude, and the Universe responds with abundance. That’s exactly how you can do it, too

You have the ability to choose your frequencies, even when you think you don’t. So are you going to choose to be disempowered, or are you going to empower yourself and make choices with unbridled love? In other words, are you going to keep your money unicorn on a chain so she can’t leave, or are you going to release her from a place of love, trusting that abundance will come to you? 

How Your Divine Feminine Attracts Money

What I’m about to share with you is probably the biggest breakthrough I shared on the live training because so many people did not realize how potent this step is. Here it is: Stepping into your divine feminine and healing your money blocks amplifies underlying energies. Any money stress you have is impacting your relationships, career, business, and health — literally every area of your life.

If you’re avoiding shadow work, which a lot of the girls on the live were, you’re blocking money that is trying to come to you. See, a lot of people say, “I am so scared to do shadow work.” But here’s the thing, a lot of people have feelings of unworthiness hiding in their “shadows.” Most people don’t believe they are worthy of being wealthy, living luxurious lives, and having life be easy. If you’ve made it this far, you know that the energy you put out is the energy you receive. So if you’re putting our unworthiness, you’re not going to get anything you wish you were worthy of, right?

That’s why it’s so important to do the shadow work around your trauma so that you can unblock money that’s already trying to get to you. 

The second thing many ladies on the live training said they needed to do shadow workaround was releasing toxic masculinity. If you are in a place of hustle, push, and grind to make money, you’re actually pushing money away because you’re in “push” energy. Working with flow and working with “push” are two different frequencies. How can you expect money to flow to you if you’re always pushing for it? 

Yes, you can make money in the “push,” but it’s going to be hard. If you shift into your divine feminine and open your heart from a place of love, money will begin to flow to you easily. 

Another area that I think significantly impacts money is childhood wounds. If you grew up in a chaotic family or with an alcoholic parent where things were uncertain and ungrounded, your frequency is vibrating in chaos. If you don’t address your childhood wounds, you’re never going to vibrate at a stable frequency that attracts money. 

All that to say, if you’re avoiding the deep work, realize it’s your ego trying to protect you and begin to honor it. Say, “Ego, I see what you’re doing. You’re trying to protect me, but I’m not here for it anymore. I am committed to doing deep work. I know I’m going to change. And I know change is scary, but I’m here for it because I want to create an abundant AF life. In order to do that, I get to do this type of work.”

Sister, you are capable of doing this shadow work. It will unlock the world for you in ways you never thought possible. Do the deep hard work. Intentionally and relentlessly, choose the frequencies you want to vibrate at and watch abundance flow to you. 

Why You Need to Listen to this Episode Today…

Divine being, you deserve massive abundance. You deserve to have everything you want. And you get to choose right now which money unicorn are you going to continue to cultivate and have in your life. I hope that these three steps to attracting money supported you. 

If you loved what you learned today and want access to the complete two-hour training, you can find it in my signature program, the Abundant Life Experience. It’s where hundreds of magical women just like yourself gather to grow and talk about all things chakras, divine feminine, and sexuality. We’d love to have you join us!

Before you go, I’d like to leave you with this affirmation: “I am in the process of becoming an abundant AF woman because I’m committed to choosing the frequency that best serves me. I am in the process of allowing money to come to me because I’m releasing the need to push.” 

How empowering does that feel?!

Thank you so much for spending your time with me today. If you know someone who wants to earn more money this year or live an easier life, please share this with them. Better yet, take a screenshot of this, share it on Instagram, and tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson. And, if you have a few minutes, it would mean the world to me if you could rate and review this episode on Apple Podcasts. This is the best way to spread this message of light, and I would be so grateful for your help in this way. 

I love you. I see you. You are doing the best you can with what you’ve got— cheers to creating an abundant AF life. 

And don’t forget, always choose happiness, because, well, why the fuck not?


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 

  • How does the word money make you feel
  • Getting out of victim mode with money
  • Is money controlling you?
  • Embracing that money is energy 
  • Spending money to avoid doing the work 
  • Commit to choosing your frequency 
  • Divine feminine and attracting money 
  • The fear of change and money blocks
  • How to stay in a state of receiving 24/7