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Trauma Healing with N.O.T. and Bufo with Carmen Littlejohn

Trauma Healing with N.O.T. and Bufo with Carmen Littlejohn

Trauma Healing with N.O.T. and Bufo with Carmen Littlejohn

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Today, Taylor explores trauma healing with her personal psychotherapist and N.O.T. practitioner, Carmen Littlejohn.

Carmen and Taylor dive into how unresolved emotional issues can lead to long-lasting physical problems, explaining how “neural disorganization” needs to be addressed.

They walk us through what happens in a N.O.T. session and the profound impact it has on awakening our consciousness.

Carmen shares the importance of trusting our body’s natural wisdom, how using the medicine of Bufo can enhance N.O.T., and why it’s key to look after our ego as part of the healing process.

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In this episode you will hear:

– Taylor’s journey with her personal psychotherapist and Trauma Healing Retreat Co-Host, Carmen Littlejohn

– The transformative power of N.O.T.

– Inside a typical N.O.T. session with Carmen

– Physical manifestations of trauma

– Healing trauma to awaken our consciousness

Trusting our body and the wisdom it holds

The power of incorporating Bufo with N.O.T.

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