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Have you ever been in a situation where you have a desired outcome or expectation? I’m pretty sure we all have — whether that expectation is money, a job, or a relationship. 

In the midst of the uncertainty, we want to control the outcome. We want to know for a fact that X will happen or won’t happen. But the best thing we can do in these situations is to trust that the Universe has what we need in store for us — whether that’s our expectation or not.

In today’s episode, I want to share a story with you about something that recently happened in Costa Rica. I was in a situation where I was practicing trusting in the Universe with neutrality. I went all-in, and the results were fucking incredible. As I share this story with you, I hope you’re inspired and imagining what it could look like for you to trust in the Universe, choose neutrality, and manifest your desires effortlessly. Let’s go! 

Making a Furry Friend in Costa Rica 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was in Costa Rica for about a month and a half for my Ultimate Girl’s Week retreat! On February 22nd, 2021, I was hanging out by my Airbnb house there, and this beautiful calico cat walked up. She didn’t look like your typical house cat — you could tell she was a Costa Rican cat, just absolutely gorgeous! 

I’ve never dubbed myself as a “cat person.” If you know me, you know I’m a dog person through and through. I had a cat growing up, but my experience with cats has always been petting one and, shortly after, getting scratched. 

So when I saw this cat, I wasn’t expecting her to be so sweet! But she came right up to me, I pet her, and she just hung out at home for a while. And over the next two and a half weeks, this cat showed up at my house every day. She’d show up in the morning and evening, and after a week, she got comfortable enough to sleep in my bed with me. 

Yep — I let a random outdoor cat sleep in my bed. If you know me, you’re probably not too surprised! I bought her food, put it out for her, and she would come and go as she pleased. I sent a message to the manager of the Airbnb house I was staying out, and she let me know that this was a cat that hung out in the neighborhood and was abandoned by a woman who decided to move back to Europe. 

No wonder this sweet little cat was so starved for attention! Her mom completely left her with no food, no water, and no person to take care of her. To survive, she would eat geckos and lap water from puddles. Her original house was miles away from my Airbnb, so I knew that it was no coincidence that she came all the way from there to visit me. As we bonded, I started wondering to myself, “Should I take this cat home with me?”

I named her Luna before I went to the resort for the retreat, and I even took her to the vet and bought a carrier case to bring her home in! Of course, Johnny was like, “No, you can’t get emotionally attached to this cat,” so I accepted his advice and submitted to the Universe — I told myself, “If Luna and I are meant to be friends, she’ll come to visit me again after the retreat.” In my heart, I knew that we were connected — but if she was meant to stay a jungle cat, she would, and if she was meant to come home with me, that’s what would happen.

When I came back to Airbnb, she was there! But in the days leading up to my departure flight, she showed up less and less. I felt myself doubting and getting sad, thinking that she wasn’t supposed to be with me after all. But I kept reminding myself that the Universe has me covered. I would neutralize my negative emotions and choose trust instead.  

Let Go of Your Desired Outcome 

Sister, here’s the key. Whenever you have a desired outcome, and it seems not to be going in that direction, take a pause and think, “Okay, why am I so attached to this outcome?” Chances are, it’s your ego at work. Honor that ego (it’s just trying to protect you) but then shift the story. Here’s how I did it:

As Luna began to show up less and less and stopped staying with me at night, I told myself, “Maybe she doesn’t want to come with me, and that’s okay. I’ll be okay. I’ll figure a way to leave food at the house to feed her. I got her a rabies vaccine, so she’s protected. She’s healthy and fully equipped to take care of herself.”

In the moments I felt sad, I neutralized those emotions by trusting in the Universe, and you can do the same! Whether you applied for a job and didn’t get it, broke with your partner, or aren’t sure what your future holds, you can trust in the Universe. Whatever happens, it’s neutral, and you can always turn that neutral into a positive working out in your favor. 

Let’s fast-forward to the day I was about to leave. I left the window open for her if she wanted to join me, but I accepted the fact that she may be meant to stay in Costa Rica. I started packing, knowing that I could check in a maximum of three bags and then have two carry-on bags. At that point, I had six bags — if Luna decided to go with me, she would be the seventh bag. Plus, I didn’t know if I could fit everything in my bags because I had bought some new clothes while I was there. 

I took a moment to breathe and remind myself that I would figure this out and leave some stuff behind if I had to. And if Luna decided to come with me, the Universe would find out a way to make that happen. I set my alarm for 5:30 AM to wake up in the morning to prepare for my flight, and at 4:30 AM, I heard meowing at my door.

I was so happy — she had decided to come with me! I let her inside, fed her, but then she asked to go out. It was 4:58 AM at this point, and I reminded myself not to force it. Maybe she just came to say goodbye — don’t be the needy girlfriend, Taylor. Trust that whatever happens is for the best. 

I knew I had to leave at 7:15 AM, so if she showed up again before then and wanted to go with me, she could. At 5:30, I started to pack, and as I’m zipping up my last suitcase at 6:50 AM, the zipper rips. I said out loud, “Okay, Universe. This is funny, but I trust that this zipper was broken for a reason, and you’re going to support me. You’re going to help me find two extra bags so I can get everything home.”

Choose Trust Even When Things Seem to Go Wrong 

At this point, I had accepted that I wasn’t bringing Luna home with me, especially since my bag ripped, but I was fully trusting in the Universe that everything would work out in my favor. I called the house manager of the retreat house and asked him if he had a spare suitcase. He didn’t have an extra one, but he said he would call some friends in the community to see if they had one. 

At the same time, I messaged the Airbnb Manager of the house I had been staying at and asked her if she had an extra suitcase. She responded, saying that she did have a suitcase, but it was super old and dusty. On the plus side, it was extra big, which meant I fit extra bags in that suitcase. I just had to pick it up at the manager’s other house. I packed my suitcases into the car and looked around for Luna — I didn’t see her anywhere — but as I got in the car, I heard meowing. 

It’s 7:25 AM at this point, and Luna comes trotting out of the jungle. I started laughing — this whole situation was crazy! She sat on the ground, looking up at me, and I swear she was telling me, “I want to come with you. Let’s go!” I got her stuff back out, put her collar on, and thought to myself, “Holy shit. I’m bringing a Costa Rican cat back to me with America. Do I have the right paperwork? Are they going to let me in?” 

I now had an even BIGGER situation than just suitcases. I took a deep breath — “Okay, Universe, I’m bringing a cat back with me. I could choose to dwell on everything that might go wrong, but if this is meant to happen, you’ll find a way to make it happen. I’ll choose trust instead.” I picked up the big suitcase, organized everything neatly, and Luna happily waited in her carrier. Then, I got a hold of paperwork to take an animal back with you, but it’s all in Spanish. I hoped I filled it out correctly, but I wasn’t sure. 

I finally arrived at the airport and entered the security line, which is their equivalent of TSA. There are people holding machine guns, and they checked all my bags because my mushroom elixirs look like drugs. I’m doing my best to stay calm, and I handed over the paperwork to bring Luna with me. One of the officials took it, and immediately I could tell she didn’t like me — maybe she was having a bad day, so I started sending her positive vibes. 

She looked at the paperwork and started speaking in Spanish to someone else angrily. Something seemed wrong — I’m like, “Okay, Universe. We’re almost through. I’m holding this beautiful cat in my arms. Please don’t have anything that stops us again. I trust you.”

The guy she’s talking through tells me that everything looks good. The lady shoved the papers back in my hand angrily, but I couldn’t be happier. Luna was officially coming with me! I started hustling to the gate — I know I looked like a crazy person with a calico cat in my arm and my suitcase rattling behind me, but I didn’t care.

The Universe definitely has a sense of humor! Even when everything seemed to go wrong, I was able to just laugh at it in the end. Every setback and every roadblock worked out for my good, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Landing Back in the U.S. 

Jumping back into the story, Luna and I made it to the gate on time and got on the airplane without a hitch. Luna started crying a little bit during takeoff, but fair enough — it’s kind of scary! When we landed in the U.S., I prepared my documents for customs, and Luna wass sleeping soundly. Everything seems to be going great! 

In the customs line, Luna stayed asleep, but when I finally made it to the front of the line, I knew I would probably have to take her out so that the customs officials could examine her. I’m thinking to myself, “Luna is basically a feral cat. What if she goes all squirrely on us? What if they say I can’t bring her into the U.S.?” 

But that didn’t happen — the customs guy didn’t even take her out. He smiled at me, stamped my passport, and told me to have a good rest of my evening. I couldn’t believe it! 

I made my way to the next flight home, and Luna woke up on the plane ride and started crying. I was worried the sound might annoy some of the passengers, but all of them were so understanding. Thankfully, it was just a 45-minute flight, so before I knew it, we had landed!

What Luna Has Taught Me

Let’s fast-forward to the present day — Luna is so, so happy in her new home. I could cry just writing about it. She fits in with the dogs wonderfully, and she loves roaming around the house — it’s her own little jungle. She’ll curl up into a ball on my chest, and she loves to snuggle with Johnny, too! 

She’s the sweetest animal I’ve ever known, and each day, I tell her how thankful I am that she chose me. I’ve always been told that cats will find you when you’re ready to be taught by them, and I know she found me at a really big pivotal point in my life where I’m about to do some huge things. I’ll probably do another podcast episode in the future about what Ms. Luna has taught me, so stay tuned for that! 

But right now, the biggest thing she’s taught me is that it’s always better to surrender and trust the Universe than try to control the outcome — even in scenarios where everything seems to be going wrong. 

What are things in your life that you can give up to the Universe? How can you let go of your desired outcomes and choose trust instead? How have you been avoiding doing the scary things? Remember — with great risk comes great reward. If I didn’t surrender, I wouldn’t have this beautiful cat with me. She wouldn’t be living her best life. By leaning into divine trust, I was guided from the moment that my zipper broke to the moment I got home. 

I hope this incredible story awoke trust in you and reminded you to choose neutrality in every situation. You are divinely supported. Your guides always have your back — just like they had mine at customs. 

If you enjoyed reading this story, let me know on Instagram!  Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and let me know how you’re surrendering to the Universe. And if you’re interested in joining me on an Ultimate Girl’s Week retreat, I’ve got some great news for you: 

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Until next time — I love you. I see you. The Universe loves you and sees you. And don’t forget to choose happiness because why the fuck not?! 


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Start fully trusting the universe 
  • The Costa Rica cat 
  • Being proactive but trusting 
  • Shift from the attachment of the desired outcome
  • Ask the universe to make it easy
  • Don’t force it, trust it
  • Listen to the universe constantly 
  • Luna the cat being a teacher 
  • Take big risks that feel in alignment 
  • Don’t let ego or fear hold you back
  • Neutralize any outcome 
  • What desire are you trying to force