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UNTAMED Women Round Table: Their Journey

UNTAMED Women Round Table: Their Journey

UNTAMED Women Round Table: Their Journey

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In this virtual round table, Taylor sits down with three women from her UNTAMED container — Angoleta Avellino, Ashleigh Irwin, and Sophia Dal Porto — to discuss their transformative experiences and what’s possible when you become an UNTAMED woman.

The conversation touches on how their egos tried to keep them small, the physical manifestations that have come from choosing to walk this path, and the power of sisterhood in healing.

The three also share the importance of leaning on your soul family when you feel judged or misunderstood.

In this episode you will hear:

The transformative power of the UNTAMED container

Healing sisterhood wounds and forming bonds in UNTAMED

Manifestations since being in UNTAMED

How the Masterclasses have expanded their lives

Reflection and feedback in the UNTAMED process

What sets this container apart from others

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