What to Do when Someone Isn’t “Waking Up” with You: Episode 247

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • The best approach to deal with friends and family that are not “waking up” with you.
  • Why releasing and observing is the best method for allowing your loved ones to wake up.
  • Why it’s important to master the Art of Observation.
  • The importance of energetic release and detachment. 
  • Your job in someone else’s awakening journey.



In today’s episode, I have a powerful quickie for you.  I share with you how to deal with someone that isn’t “waking up” with you.  I dive deep into the importance of energetically releasing this person in order to allow them to embark on their personal growth.  If you have been feeling frustrated with a loved one that is not at your frequency, I invite you to listen to this episode.