Why I’m Not Setting 2022 Goals : Episode 303


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Why we get to unlearn everything we know about how to end/start each year
  • What would happen if you shift out of the masculine push and into the feminine flow as you enter the new year
  • How I’m choosing to anchor in the new year as we end 2021
  • Shifting into starting your new year with the energy of who you’ve become vs who you are becoming
  • How to set your intentions for 2022 that will feel embodied and not forced or restricted
  • What if instead of going up and down in life you go into an upward spiral ongoing in and expanding 
  • What is next for the podcast


Today is all about the next chapter. This isn’t your typical “what I learned in 2021” episode, I want this episode to inspire you, to be a reminder to you, and to help you shift into the upcoming year. In this episode, we talk all about shifting your energy around this time of year, unlearning what we’ve been taught, how I set up my new year intentions and I share what is coming up next and what to look forward to with the podcast.