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Why It’s Important to Close Loops

Why It’s Important to Close Loops : Episode 294

Why It’s Important to Close Loops : Episode 294

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Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you! 

Today, we’re going to focus on something to get you fired up and motivated. We’re going to free up your energy that’s trapped in unfinished business. We’re going to look at the projects you abandoned, the people you never called back, and the ideas you never shared. I decided to focus on this because I was noticing that I leave a lot of loops open. And when I sat with this awareness, I came to some pretty deep realizations. I’d love to share them with you today!

How about you? Have you ever sat down with a list of all the things you left undone? I call them loops, and when we don’t close them, we quite literally lose energy. If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that our subconscious holds more power than we could ever imagine. Your subconscious is recording everything. So if you’re leaving something undone, your subconscious knows.

When you close loops of unfinished business, you’re bringing yourself ever more into wholeness. You’re bringing yourself more into balance and flow. Life gets juicy and flows smoothly, and I know you want that! Let’s get started!

What Happens When You Leave Things Undone

When we have unfinished business, we’re still aware of it on an unconscious level. That means that our ego —  whose function is always to protect us and look for danger — is just staring at the unclosed loop with its beady little eyes. As it stares, it says “You’re not done yet. You’re not done yet.” So even though we’re consciously not thinking about it, part of our stored up energy is. That’s not productive energy. It’s not resourceful or well-used. That open loophole is taking up free unpaid rent in your mind, in your body, and in your energy field. 

This means that when you’re going about your life, whether you’re traveling, building your business, or spending time with your loved ones, that open loophole is actually draining your energy. Therefore, you’re not able to show up fully or to be fully present in your life. If your energetic capacity is a balloon, the loophole is a teeny, sneaky pinprick of a hole that is draining you. It’s using bandwidth in your brain, which could be used to serve your life purpose.

Without a doubt, having open loopholes is going to diminish your quality of life and your capacity for growth. So take a look at your patterns. Where do you tend to put things off? Is it in your work, in your personal life, or both? Do you tend to forget to respond to messages? Are you procrastinating with marketing your offerings? Are you prone to forgetting about important financial communications, such as following up with consultants and financial advisors? 

As is always the case, even the seemingly mundane aspects of our lives reveal profound insights into our spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional states. To find the insight, you’ll want to ask yourself the ever-important question: Why?

Why Do You Procrastinate?

With every aspect of unfinished business you remember, there is healing for you. In examining your open loops, you get the opportunity to see what’s been waiting there. The loophole itself contains a variety of dense vibrations. That’s why getting things accomplished feels so good. You’re liberating yourself from heavy vibrations, such as fear, sadness, or anger.

Let’s look at some examples. Let’s say you neglect to message a friend back. Or you forget to confirm an invitation. Maybe you keep procrastinating posting on your blog. Maybe you’ve been meaning to show your new boyfriend your paintings, but you keep putting it off.

You didn’t do those things for pretty good reasons. Maybe it’s fear — you fear your new partner will judge your work. Or maybe it’s fear that a friend of yours isn’t all that interested in getting closer to you. Maybe you’re engaging in a power play with someone else, hoping that somehow you’ll have the upper hand if you flake out on them. By not making moves, you’ve now avoided finding these things out. You don’t risk being rejected by your partner or your friend. By not responding, the ball is now in your court. So in some ways, you’re in control.

But remember, this is all ego at work here. Of course, you’re not really in control. You’re operating from a point of scarcity and lack. Instead of cultivating your inner power, you’re trying to control the external world. This is always going to let you down. There’s only so far you can get with trying to manage circumstances in the outside world. 

Procrastination and unfinished business also indicate that you’re resisting going with the flow in life. You’re trying to push against the stream, or you’re trying to force things to happen. If you have to force things to happen, you’re not in alignment. And when you’re not in alignment, even your best efforts fall short. Because you’re operating from denser and more chaotic vibrations, you’re getting denser and chaotic results. 

It’s an incredible gift to notice when and how you do this. I’m continuously amazed by how much wisdom even our most mundane activities and behaviors can give us. It’s a constant reminder that everything is energy. So, even those little loops that seem meaningless actually hold a lot of meaning and potential.

Bringing Sensitivity to Self-Awareness

When we’re engaging with the dark corners of our shadow, we’re always going to find much more to do. There’s always work. So do yourself a favor and avoid judging yourself for what you find. Be merciful with yourself. Commend yourself for noticing what you notice, give it love and then let it go. If you fall into self-criticism, you’re going to make it worse. You’re going to stuff it down because it’s too painful to be with.

Don’t go down the self-judgment route — you know that route. It’s the one in which you say “I wish I’d known this sooner.” You start to lower into another dense vibration — regret. You can always look back and say you wish you’d known it sooner. Instead, shift into self-compassion. Give yourself praise. Say to yourself “Wow, isn’t it amazing that I’m noticing how I do this more and more?” Make yourself feel good because that’s what will feed your ability to keep doing it. It will help you to strengthen the muscle of completing things versus not completing things.

So get out a piece of paper. Brain dump everything that’s still on your plate. Get into masculine mode and just enjoy ticking off the boxes, knowing that you’re truly lightening your load. Can you take pleasure in knowing that with every unfinished task you complete, you’re taking more and more true control in your life? The control you’re exercising is a more enlightened one, a type that deeply understands how true power stems from being conscious and intentional with everything that you do.

While you’re at it, consider how your external world reflects your inner state. Take a look at your surroundings. Which drawers are jumbled and unkempt? Now, which drawers in your mind are jumbled and unkempt? Don’t you want to live in chaos, with receipts from items you meant to return piling up on your desk? With clothes falling out of your closet? Do you want to rush around trying to dig up something important from the mess on the floor?

Remember, everything in our life, junk drawers included, are a direct reflection of how we feel inside. If you feel overwhelmed, chaotic, and stressed with lots of open loopholes, your outside areas are reflecting that. So clean up the inside first and then let that flow towards your external world. 

What Loops Are You Going to Close Today? 

I hope you take the time to reclaim your energy through this process. You are so fucking worth it! Don’t let unclosed energy loops drag you down. You deserve to show up unapologetically as your highest self — and you can’t do that if your energy is low.

What loops are you going to close today, sister? What conversations do you need to have — either with others or yourself? It may be difficult, but I promise you — the more you do this tough inner work, the more amazing and confident you’re going to feel. It’s so fucking worth it!  

If you enjoyed this episode, don’t hesitate to let me know! Tag me at @iamtaylorsimpson on Instagram with a screenshot of the episode and your greatest takeaways! And if you’re feeling courageous, DM me and let me know what energy loops you’ve decided to close. I am always on the sidelines, rooting for you! 

Remember; I love you. I see you. Cheers to reaching new levels of empowerment in magical and mundane ways. And remember always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Why it’s important to dive deeper into repeating patterns, habits, or fears
  • What happens subconsciously when we leave things open or undone
  • The reason your energy might be drained quickly every single day
  • How you can get clear on why you may be leaving loopholes in your tasks
  • The connection between wanting control, self-sabotaging, and leaving tasks unfinished
  • Two questions to ask yourself once you identify the source of your inconsistency
  • A new mantra I’ve been using daily to shift my reality around leaving incomplete tasks
  • What will happen to your energy once you start closing those loopholes
  • The importance of finishing those open tasks from a place of love and high vibrational energy
  • One thing you can do right now to start clearing up your brain from all those tasks 

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