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Why They Said Yes to the Untamed Path: A Round Table

Why They Said Yes to the Untamed Path: A Round Table

Why They Said Yes to the Untamed Path: A Round Table

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“This is how I see you, and I want the f*cking best for you.

Take it with a grain of salt—the advice, guidance, and mirroring that I give.

I do believe a core essence of the UNTAMED community is that we all know each of us is, to the best of our abilities, coming from love, in love, for love.”  — Taylor Simpson

In this episode you will hear:

The activation of saying YES to the UNTAMED Experience

– UNTAMED sisterhood: weaving bonds stronger than blood

Claiming your space in the world through self-growth and personal evolution

How to find and own your unique expression

Embracing all facets of the UNTAMED Woman

Connect with Alyssa, Ashley, and Tatiana:
Alyssa Andrae: @alyssaandrae
Ashley Capurro: @ashley.capurro
Tatiana Fernandez: @iamtatianafernandez

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Discover which of the five Untamed Archetypes you are.

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