What your Perspective says About your Frequency : Episode 272

Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya! 

For my fellow hikers out there, this episode is for you! And if you’re not a hiker, don’t worry — you’ll still learn so much from this episode about how your perspective and frequency shape your journey through life!

Sometimes before we go on a hike, we look up pictures that other people have taken. Are there waterfalls? Is there an amazing view on the top of the mountain? Any wildlife we should watch out for? We can go into a hike having expectations of what we’ll see based on what other people have shared about their journey.

Other times, we go into a hike not knowing what to expect. All we know is that there is an end goal — some sort of destination — and we’re open to receiving whatever that destination turns out to be!   

The other day, I was hiking in Sedona, Arizona. I was in the area for a Mastermind I was hosting, and I would go on random, long hikes by myself to be one with nature, journal in solitude, and experience an adventure. During one of these hikes, I downloaded a revelation that I’m going to share with you today!  

Hiking in Sedona, Arizona – Part One

When I go on hikes, I’m seeking harmony through nature, which for me usually is achieved through isolation, meditation, and journaling. But as I began to hike in Sedona, the hikes were packed with a lot of people. 

I found myself thinking, “I wish I hadn’t taken this hike because it’s so packed with people! Goodness gracious — there are other hikes out there!”

I kept having this thought over and over, so I stopped and asked myself, “Okay, Taylor. Why is my ego getting all annoyed? Why did the Universe put me on a hike that was so chaotic?” 

That’s when I remembered that we are exactly where we are meant to be at all times. I looked around and noticed the beauty of the canyon, the colorful rocks, and the tall trees that loomed above my head. I felt hugged by this forest, and as I leaned into these thoughts and emotions, my story around that hike began to change from one of frustration to one of revelation. 

I realized the importance of perspective. How often do you quickly get annoyed when something isn’t meeting your expectations? Maybe a relationship doesn’t go the way you thought it would, your new job isn’t as glamorous as the description claimed, or you’re not seeing results from your workout plan. 

Here’s another example — imagine you’re at the grocery store, and there’s a huge line. You’re thinking, “Why in the world am I being put in this long line? I’ve got more important things to do than wait around.” Well, maybe the silver lining is that 10-minute period where you get to do some standing breathwork, send love to the people around you, or just slow down for a second. 

So much in our lives is “GO GO GO,” so the Universe will send time to each of us when we can pause, and that is a gift. That’s what happened to me on this hike in Sedona. The number of people on the hike with me was slowing me down, but this was an opportunity for me to pause and really appreciate the beauty surrounding me. My negative, scarcity mindset was switched to one of abundance, joy, and gratitude by this revelation. 

So right now, see if you can find out what gift the Universe is giving you at each moment — even the moments that aren’t fun. Challenge yourself every moment you feel disappointed to find that silver lining and figure out why this is happening for you. And sometimes, when we push into these “pause moments,” the Universe will actually give us what we want! I started to pass fewer and fewer people because I was leaning into a higher frequency that attracted my desires, and you can do it too, sister. 

Hiking in Sedona, Arizona – Part Two

But my revelation didn’t stop there! As I got closer and closer to the point where I would have to turn around to go back home, I was climbing up these really narrow rocks. I was so excited to see what’s at the top. I just went through a canyon, and now I was climbing up a mountain — the view was going to be EPIC. 

I finally made it to the top, and I was right — the view was beautiful. I could see the two mountains I walked through to get there. During the past thousands of years, Sedona has actually been completely underwater, so I imagined whales, fish, megadons swimming through that canyon. Thousands of years ago, the water had created little roads, valleys, and dips through the line — it was unlike any view that I had ever seen. 

I’ve done many hikes in Sedona and around the world, but this was probably the coolest, most unique hike I had ever done. Looking around at the top of the mountain, I found this rock formation that literally looked like a couch. I put my sweatshirt on it as a pillow, laid down on the rock, and took out my journal. I was hidden enough so that when people came up to see the view, they didn’t see me.

As I sat there journaling, I heard several people talking about the view, and here’s the thing — probably 99% of the people said, “Oh, wow. This is it? This is what we hiked up all the way to see? This is super anti-climatic.” Talk about two different perspectives! One of abundance and one of lack. 

And that’s not coming from a place of judgment — that’s coming from recognizing that these people were so consumed in their expectations that they were missing magic from the Universe. I had been there just an hour before! Every time I heard a negative comment, I would send those people so much love. Just like me, they needed to break out of that frequency of scarcity and embrace abundance instead. 

It is so important to make sure that we are all focusing on our vibrations — finding joy at each moment. When we hear people on a different frequency, we don’t need to think of them as any less than us. Instead, it’s our job to send them love and honor them at the place they’re at. If people can’t appreciate the grandeur of nature, think about all the other places they’re struggling in life — their relationships, their money mindset, their careers. They need all the love and support they can get! 

And maybe you’re thinking, “Taylor, this is me. I would be the person at the top of the mountain not seeing the beauty right in front of me.” 

First of all, I see you, and I love you. We’ve all been disappointed with our circumstances or angry that our expectations weren’t immediately met, but we can break out of this limiting mindset by giving up control to the Universe and finding beauty and opportunity for growth in everything. 

What Timeline Are You Living In? 

Don’t miss the magic, sister. We are living in a parallel universe, playing out infinite lifetimes, and they’re changing at every moment. When you shift frequencies, you jump into another timeline. For example, if you’re in a frequency of scarcity, you’ll jump into a timeline of repetitive lack and underwhelm. The Universe just wants to deliver what you’re giving your attention to!

If you’re in a scarcity mindset right now, know that you don’t have to stay there. You can shift into a timeline that plays out your highest good. Just transition your energy to focusing on abundance, love, and gratitude. Where attention goes, energy flows, sister! 

Take a moment to think about the different areas of your life. Where are you missing gifts from the Universe? Where are you focusing on things that you don’t want to happen instead of focusing on what you do want to happen? When you reach the end of that hike, what’s your reaction? Is it, “Wow! Touché, Universe!” Or is it, “Ugh, this is underwhelming.”

How you do one thing is how you do everything. Your perspective changes the entire course of your life. It’s up to you to make that shift, but keep in mind that we are in this journey together! We are always learning. I’m always learning, just like I learned this lesson on my hike in Sedona. 

I hope this message hits home for you! If it did, let me know on Instagram! Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and let me know what your perspective says about your frequency! You can also share this message with someone you feel needs to hear it. Spread the love! 

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In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:  

  • Being open to the final destination
  • Finding the gift in the “annoyance”
  • Shifting into the silver lining to get what you want
  • Two different perspectives the lack and the abundance 
  • Where are you feeling underwhelmed and missing the magic
  • Jumping timelines as you shift your frequency
  • Where are you giving energy to what’s not happening