A Recap of My Magical Trip to Sedona!

Hello Divine Soul!  I love that you feel the pull to visit Sedona, because I remember how strong mine was prior to being there.   

I received the whisper, more like a yell, that I was to spend a journey of healing, self (current and past) discovery and play in the magical vortex of Sedona at the start of 2020.   Well then we all know what happened at the start of this year – which was divinely timed because I then was able to do a lot of inner work at home, receive the downloads, etc. which prepped me for the activations I was to receive whenever I was able to finally make it out to Sedona.

I can see so clearly now why I was to wait 5 months before my trek out to Sedona:  I wouldn’t have been ready back then for the Activations I was to receive.  What a beautiful lesson, right?  Just because we want to do something, we feel the call, the pull… the timing truly has to be Divine and the Universe will conspire to make it happen when it knows we are truly ready.

Writing this, post-2 week healing journey in Sedona, all I can say is.. touché!  

Week 1 was all about sisterhood connection, divine feminine healing, open communication, trust building, truth speaking, big vision declaring… with 5 other women I have a Soul Contract with, and I them.  It ended up being that and so much more… so much more deepening into my wounds, into my power, feeling supported, supporting others, holding space.  So much goodness to heal into and expand after.

Week 2 was all about owning what I declared and healed the week prior and taking it one step further.  Creating a safe container with my husband and our other couple friends doing Kambo, sharing fears, discussing team dreams and strengthening the special relationship we all have.

The Magical Vortex

Two major reasons why I went to Sedona:

  1. I can feel my soul’s readiness and eagerness to expand into new territory, holding space for even more women and making an even bigger impact, while my mind/ego was sitting in some resistance, fear.. at the time pre-Sedona I couldn’t name it.  I knew the magical Vortex would support me in uncovering it.  

  2. I always say this to my clients and remind myself on a daily basis:  “Don’t expect other people to take your medicine if you aren’t willing to take your own.”  I know my mission in this life time is a BIG one. I know I am mean to be on massive stages, inspire and impact millions of people and be seen.   So if I was hiding from my own inner wounds that was keeping me at 99% my potential.. how would I expect to teach others to be their 110% versions of themselves?  So in I went.  Walking my own talk.

The Medicine I received in Sedona:

All of this is and will be recorded into Podcast episodes (above), so I won’t expand on too much of it here.   Let’s just say…

I now see more clearly than ever my true potential, who I am at my core and what I am meant for in this lifetime.  

I am mean to be seen. 
I am more powerful than I realized.
I am more of a potent healer than I gave myself credit for.
It is safe to be supported by other women.

Most importantly:  When I heal, you heal.

Hiking, wand making, sisterhood bonding, Kambo sitting + so much more!

My High Vibe Recommendations:

Healing Modalities and Facilitators I Loved: 

  • Shamangelic Breathwork with Anahata.
    Anahata created such a beautiful and safe space for us to breathe through and my personal breakthroughs were incredible.  I realized how many old female wounds I had, that I didn’t have to “do it all” and it’s safe to receive female support.  I watched all the times women back stabbed me or lied to me.  I watched myself be burned at the stake and on the other side of the flames were my female “friends” watching me die in the fire.  I screamed, I cried.  I released.  The rest of this experience I share on my Podcast, A Taylored Adventure to Happiness.

  • Womb Healing with Anahata
    If you feel like you can’t open up sexually, have creative blocks or always in your Masculine, treat yourself to this experience.

  • Past Life Regression: Gateway Cottage Wellness Center with Tom.
    WOW!  This was incredible.  Highly recommend!  You can actually listen my personal Regression on my Podcast: click here for the episode.

  • Psychic Reading:  Psychic Wellness Center, reading with Jennifer.  She is the REAL DEAL.  After I went to her and told all my girl’s about it – they booked her the following and each of their readings were mind blowing as well.  She’s not in the touristy area – which is why I went to her.  Old school, real deal, out of town.

  • UFO Sighting with Melinda.  JUST DO IT!  Melinda is so fun, unique, quirky and made the whole experience that much better.  This isn’t a “trap” – she educates you on satellites, planes, shooting stars, etc. that way you KNOW when it’s a UFO and can be sure of it.  We saw 30+ UFOs!

  • Kambo Ceremony – our facilitator Dylan was truly an Earth Angel.  The container he created for us, along with his divinely magical support team, was one of the safest I’ve ever been in.  Kambo is an Earth Medicine from a Frog and I share my experience over on the Podcast.

Restaurant Suggestions:

  • Local Juicery : I’m not ashamed to say that I went here every single day!  It is just so delicious!  I highly recommend the Classic Acai bowl and the Dragon Bowl.  The Avocado toast and their salads are heavenly as well.  + their juices all hit the spot after a long hike.  

  • Mariposa Bougie, an amazing view and delicious views!  What more could you ask for?  Make a reservation a few days, or even a week in advance minimum.

  • The Vault While it’s on the Main Street of downtown Sedona, where I usually stay away from when eating because let’s be real, the best places are the hidden local gems:  the views here are epic and the food was actually delicious!  Not a lot of outdoor seating so definitely make a reservation.

  • ChocolaTree It’s an Organic heaven with all the Vegan/Vegetarian options you tastebuds dream of.  Their salads were nutrient dense and were delicious!   They have local chocolate & other goodies to enjoy too.

    Other than these places, we did a lot of our own cooking as there’s a Whole Foods in town!  

Favorite Hikes Spots:

  • Cathedral Rock: it’s straight up the entire time but so worth it!  Photo-ops like woah at the top!
  • Devils Bridge: It’s an easier hike as the first few miles are on a dirt road but then towards the end you do some climbing that leads you to the Devil’s Bridge.
  • Bell Rock: We ended up going off the beaten path and onto the billy goat trails, which was so worth it!  Otherwise the trail is super basic.
  • Chapel Trail:  No one else was on this trail so it was lovely to be one with nature.  In the mountains, moderate terrain.
  • Soldiers Pass:  Along it you got to see the 7 Sacred Pools (5 were empty when I was there and 2 were like 3 inches of water haha), a massive sink hole and the hike lead you up the mountains to 2 huge caves you can crawl in.  We took a nap in them they were so cozy.

Unique Adventures: 

  • Wand Making at Bohemian Dreamer with Rachel – tell her I sent you!
  • Buddha Beach for some river relaxing and swimming.


  • Caravana Their hand made layered crystal and silk wrapping necklaces are divine!  I invested in 3 pieces that make my heart flutter.  + the owner is so sweet!
  • Gypsy Jenny’s:  I got a pair of organic cotton and bamboo blend shorts and pants that are covered in light codes!  So fun.  A tiny little corner shop in downtown.
  • Crystal Magic:  Alllll the crystals please!  I also got some new oracle decks as well a they have a large selection.
  • Peace Place:  Hands down the most relaxing Crystal shop I went into +  they have tons of crystal sound bowls you can plan with.  Zennnn vibes for sure.
  • If you go see Jennifer for a Psychic Reading, make time to stop in Village Gallery of Local Artists located next door.  I had a custom drum made there (that’s a whole magical story in itself which is on my Podcast) and bought a Beaded Healing Crystal from Judith which you can check out on her website, here, too.

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TEXT ME at 202-217-0704 if you have any specific Sedona questions or further details!  I’m happy to guide you in the right direction and I love connecting in that 1:1 way as well.