I’m Taylor.

It would be my honor to
guide you
as you step into
your highest self

Let go of what you’ve been holding on
to so tightly all
these years - I’ll safely
lead you down the path to
your divine feminine essence and the
within you, enabling you to
discover, embody and
embrace your
truest, highest self. With a multi-

disciplinary approach to my
methodologies, I help
women like you
heal and release the shame, un-

worthiness and judgement that is
weighing you
down. The life you want
and deserve is waiting for
you, and
this is your invitation.

Embodying your
Highest Self,

the Divine
Feminine Way.

What you need is a hand holding up
a mirror, and I
offer exactly that. This
process leads you to see yourself

clearly. The Divine Feminine lies in
every single one of
us, waiting to be
seen, uncovered, and given power.

Through neuroscience, feminine
energy, and
frequencies I am able to
reveal and align you with
what is
possible. My gift is in showing the
beauty in
the mess of our shadows, in
guiding you through, and
helping you
find the light on the other side.
only in going into and
through our darkness can

we access true abundance.

Everyone has
a story.

I’d love to share
mine with you.

My story is one that may feel
to you. It is the story
of too many
women, lost and
looking for answers.

A childhood trauma destroyed my
sense of safety and
wellbeing. I
repressed this trauma, a common
mechanism, which led to a
cycle of shame and
unworthiness. It
became the bedrock of who I was as

a woman. It led to body shaming,
unhealthy sex,
alcohol, and toxicity.

The path was dark and I turned to
other means to
find solace and
comfort. I had massive debt from

an addiction to spending money.
I found myself at
Anonymous because I was eating
feelings of not being seen and
heard. And eventually
to anger
management when everything
exploded. This was my
rock bottom.

You receive

I believe that when we truly tap into
an infinite realm of
abundance and
possibilities, it’s our job to make the
impact and difference we can
in the world. Through two
initiatives in
Africa we are making daily efforts to
conditions and inspire others
to join us.

SHE Alliance is based in Ghana and
is building resources
and ties to the
community to help women rescued
human trafficking through
health, education, and wellness.

Through SHE Alliance, our efforts in Uganda have evolved
into a clean water initiative, building clean water wells
accessible to communities in need of this precious resource.

The truth is, every little bit counts
and your energy is felt.

Up Close and Personal

What’s something
yourself that
surprises people
learn about you?

I’m an introvert

What’s your go-to fix
a bad day?


How would you define
personal style?

Bougie jungle earthy goddess vibes

What’s on your
bedside table?

Himalayan salt lamp, red light, a
book + crystals

What gets you up in
the morning?

My mission is to help women
remember who they are

What’s the best advice
ever been given?

Stop giving a shit what other people
think about you

What’s the theme song

of your life?

Somewhere over the rainbow

What are the top three

things everyone
should do
to achieve

1. Be themselves

2. Stop caring what others think

3. Serve from your soul

Allow me to
into embodying

your Highest