Conscious Relationships, Having More while Doing Less and Owning your Feminine with Nick Broadhurst: Episode 202


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love ya! 

Do you ever feel like you aren’t connecting with your partner? Maybe you are evolving and ascending to higher frequencies, and they aren’t ready for that next level. Or maybe you just don’t feel like you are being truly heard by your partner. Sound familiar? 

Sister, being conscious of the connection in your relationship is so important. Relationships without that awareness are usually a fucking mess! That’s why today I am bringing a special guest to the show who is such a magical human being, especially when it comes to having conscious, intimate relationships. 

I interviewed his wife, Melissa Ambrosini, in an incredible episode about how to unleash your divine goddessence, crystal clear communication, and the keys to a passionate relationship. Today, I get to talk with the other half of that dynamic duo — Nick Broadhurst. 

Nick is a conscious leader and an expert on love, relationships, and health. He is passionate about teaching people how to create a life of ease and be aligned with who they want to be! In this episode, Nick shares what he and his wife Melissa do to have tough conversations and connect on a deeper level.

He’s got some great tools to help you encourage your partner to rise with you if you are on a journey of ascension. And he also gets real about his journey to rock bottom and back. I know you are going to be able to see yourself in his story and be inspired. 

Nick has ascended from the darkness of his lowest moments to create a thriving marriage and a fucking beautiful life. He shares so many of the tools he learned along the way! So let’s get started, shall we? 

Who Is Nick Broadhurst?

This guy is not only a magical human being and relationship expert — he’s also a musician! Like his music, there are many layers to Nick Broadhurst. He’s a singer. A songwriter. A former member of the band Sneaky Sound System. A meditation advocate, visual artist, entrepreneur, polymath, performer, father, and husband.

Uniting these varied accomplishments is the driving force behind all his work: the pure expression of creativity through music and sharing his most vulnerable moments in life. 

Seriously, you’ve got to go check him out on Spotify or iTunes! His new single is called “Inner Love”, and it is so fucking good. I’ve been listening to it on repeat. 

Nick really shows up in this world as a bright light who is passionate about lifting other people up with him. I can’t wait for you to hear what he has for us today, sister! 

Nick’s Journey from Rock Bottom to Rock Star

We all have a time in our life where we are in our darkest place. I know — I’ve been there. And I know that sometimes it feels like we’ll never get it out of it. But sister, the most beautiful evolutions of our soul can rise from those dark places. We can learn so much about ourselves from hitting rock bottom, and it can become a magical experience.

Nick hit that rock bottom and used it to step into the enlightened path of becoming a higher version of himself. He shared what that looked like for him, and it’s a pretty incredible story. 

It all started after Nick stepped out of the band he had been a part of for six years and decided to go into real estate when his son was born.

“I decided to go from what was perceived as a very successful career in probably the biggest band in the country at the time, and I went into real estate. That seems like an odd thing to do, but I felt like I had to go and get myself a real job, you know, and be a respectable husband and do the ‘manly thing’ … I guess I was mirroring what I had seen growing up.” – Nick Broadhurst 

How many times do we find ourselves out of alignment because we are trying to conform to what society has told us is right? Although he was incredibly successful as a realtor, Nick was not doing the thing he truly loved anymore — his music. He also was struggling in his marriage. 

“I was also living quite a stereotypical marriage. I was showing up with what I thought was how I should show up. I had no idea about what it meant to be a man. I had no idea what masculine and feminine energies were. I had no idea about how to embrace both sides of myself. I had no idea how to nurture the feminine in my partner at the time.” – Nick Broadhurst 

Eventually, the exhaustion of following a misaligned career combined with the stress of a failing marriage overwhelmed Nick’s body. After experiencing excruciating pain in his head one night, he was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with meningitis. 

He went through a terrifying experience of fighting for his life, and I can’t even imagine how traumatizing that must have been. Although he was eventually released from the hospital, it wasn’t without severe damage to his nervous system. 

“No one really gives you an instruction manual on how to recover from that … shortly after that, my marriage imploded, and we separated … For about three years, I was literally bedridden. I had just destroyed my nervous system. Physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually — everything was devoid of substance. And that journey was very painful.” – Nick Broadhurst 

Cue rock bottom. But after the darkest years, Nick was finally able to rise up and unlock a different side of himself. He began learning about the masculine and feminine energies by reading books like The Enlightened Sex Manual  by David Deida. After putting the things he learned into practice, he finally felt whole again. 

“I started to really embody what David Deida called the ‘Superior Man’ … I got to see what impact that had on the feminine … I could see how it lit her [my partner at the time] up, how it stabilized her, how, how it transformed our sex life — everything changed. And I felt like a real man on a feeling level, not an intellectual level. I really started to feel whole, and I also started to do my music again.” – Nick Broadhurst 

Isn’t it such an incredible thing to feel “whole” again? To be aligned with your truth and know exactly who you are meant to be? When Nick finally got to this point, he met Melissa. You can probably guess the rest! Together, they worked to create a conscious relationship, and Nick has some incredible wisdom about how to do this. 

What Does A Conscious Relationship Look Like? 

After each going through their individual journeys of growth, Melissa and Nick knew very early on that they were meant for each other. They came into the relationship with no expectations, both showing up 100% as the best version of themselves. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t struggles! 

When life hit hard, they both had to play the support role. Have you ever had to be the support system for your partner when they are going through something?

If you have, you know its fucking tough. Nick played the support for Melissa when she lost her best friend to cancer, and he had some advice about how to do that: 

“She definitely had PTSD for a couple of years … and you know when someone’s in that sort of space, it’s very hard for them to be there 100%. So I had to be at 100%, and I just had to lead by example. I had to be understanding and forgiving but also sometimes enforce boundaries as well. So when things were beyond what was acceptable to me, [I had to] be okay with saying, ‘I understand that you’re hurting, but this is not okay. I don’t accept this behavior.’ I had to be firm at times. Love is not always flowery. Love can be firm.” – Nick Broadhurst 

I love that approach. Like most things in life, being supportive is a balancing act. You can be there for your partner while still maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself! 

But playing the support role isn’t always about helping your partner through a traumatic event. It can also look like helping them understand when you are doing the work to step into your higher self!

I know a lot of you may be in a place where you are frustrated because you are evolving. You’re doing the work to become awake. But your partner is still at square one. He doesn’t even conceptualize the language you are speaking! It’s frustrating, right? Nick had some advice for that situation as well: 

“I have friends who have partners who are just not on the path with them, and they just accept it. They just say, ‘It’s just not him. And I accept that.’ You may have heard the statement ‘accept it or leave.’ You have two choices. It sounds harsh, but what are the choices? Is there any other choice? If you stay in a relationship where you’re hoping someone’s going to change and every day if they don’t, you get more upset and more frustrated. It’s what Melissa and I call ‘Crazy 8-ing.’ You’re stuck in this infinite loop of ‘upset and then same behavior. Upset, same behavior.’ If you want to get out of the loop, you’ve got to accept it at some point.” – Nick Broadhurst 

Y’all, my first marriage was the epitome of a Crazy-8 loop. I was naive and trying to pretend like everything was fine. But finally, I got to a place where I realized we would never be on the same path. And that’s just not the life I signed up for. 

If your partner adamantly refuses to join you on your ascension process, you can choose to accept that. Or, you can leave the relationship. But it is unhealthy for both of you if you are stuck in an infinite loop of frustration! 

Although it can be the case that you and your partner are set on different paths, sometimes the tension can be fixed by just having a crystal clear conversion with them. Sister, this takes courage. It takes embracing your power and your voice to dive into those tough talks.

Nick has some incredible tools about how to have these conversations so that you can be firm with your partner about communicating what you want! 

How to Create Intimacy in Your Relationship Through Communication 

Okay, I know you’ve heard this, but I’m gonna say it again: Communication in a relationship is everything. How is your partner supposed to know how you are evolving without having a conversation about it? It would be great if they could read your mind, but that’s unfortunately just not going to happen.

Those conversations aren’t easy, though. That’s the reason a lot of people avoid them! Nick had a beautiful tip about how to create space for communication with your partner — a technique he calls the “love bubble.” 

“One very simple technique I think your listeners could try is what we call “love bubble.” And it’s very simple, but it’s so powerful. I suggest doing it on your bed because it creates a different feeling to other parts of the house. Sitting cross-legged from each other and holding hands, just communicate clearly that you would like some time with your partner to create a space to safely express some things that are very important to you … Facing each other, you’re holding hands, and you lay the rules. So you say, ‘Okay, right now we’re in a love bubble. And the way the love bubble works is that we’re going to stay connected and I’m going to talk, and you’re not going to interrupt me or respond until I’m completely finished.’” – Nick Broadhurst 

Genius, right? Creating that intentional, safe space with the sole purpose of communication is such a good way to create genuine connection while also expressing what you need. I absolutely love this tool.

Sister, if that makes you feel uncomfortable, do it. If you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh, that sounds terrifying,” you have to go for it. Sometimes, we have to do the really uncomfortable, terrifying things to get the next level. I think the love bubble is brilliant, and I will absolutely pull that one out of my toolbox next time my husband and I need to have a next-level conversation! 

Another way to create communication is to set boundaries. Often, communication can be hindered because you and your partner’s masculine and feminine energies are out of alignment. Maybe one or both of you is leaning too much into the masculine. It’s good to have polarity, but too much masculine energy can lead to problems with communication: 

“We [Melissa and I] had to learn boundaries. Boundaries are important because we used to work from home and never switch off … Melissa was very much in the masculine and hard to soften. And my masculine was just in overdrive … So for us at the very beginning, it was more of a conscious thing. So when you step inside the door, you take off the pants … when I say take the pants off, I mean find ways to get back into your softness — back into your feminine, whatever that looks like.” – Nick Broadhurst 

Stepping back into your feminine can be as simple as changing clothes. For me, this looks like changing out of my Lululemons into something more flowy and feminine when I’m done with work!

Nick also suggested things like taking an Epsom bath with lavender, creating music, or simply just greeting your partner with a kiss. It’s going to look different for everyone, but it’s so important to own your feminine essence when it’s lacking. Finding balance in your energies will help enable strong communication with your partner! 

Why You Should Listen to this Nick Broadhurst Podcast Episode Right Now… 

I had an incredible time jamming out with Nick and learning his story, his tips for creating conscious relationships, and everything else he shared! Make sure to go ahead and check out the rest of the episode! We go into a ton of other juicy topics like having more while doing less, how to encourage your partner to dream bigger, and more about Nick’s relationship journey!

If you want to learn more about conscious relationships, check out Melissa’s book Open Wide. It’s an incredible learning experience and a game-changer for a lot of people. Be sure to also go listen to Nick’s music on Spotify or Itunes! It’s absolutely mesmerizing and filled with his passion and creativity!  

You can find Nick on Instagram @iamnickbroadhurst, so go shoot him a DM and say hi! I am incredibly grateful that he shared his light and love with us today. He reminded us to get back to the basics in our relationships and be conscious of how we communicate so that we can thrive with our partner!

 As always, I see you. I love you. And remember to always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


Key Takeaways: 

+ Repeating same patterns
+ I feel like I’ve arrived somewhere
+ I have this thing with me, can you fix it?
+ Share expectations with each other
+ We still have to be supportive of each other
+ You´ll be waiting for that person to catch up
+ What conversations your higher self will have?
+ I´m evolving and doing the work that´s for me
+ Self-discovery and exploration
+ I´m happy in my status quo
+ We´re never gonna be in the same path
+ Women embracing their power and voice
+ Communicate clearly
+ Truly hear what´s burning in your heart
+ Man and women have masculine and feminine energies

Standout Quotes:

“Meeting your match is not rainbows and butterflies, we have to grow together.”

“Sometimes we need to feel uncomfortable to just do things.”