Entitlement vs. Self Love Expression : Episode 284

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Today, we’re diving into the power of the throat chakra and our ability to voice our truth with love. Our voice is the gateway to the world. It’s the way we actualize the activity in our lower chakras. Through our voice, we share our heart truths, our personal power, our sexual desires, and our survival needs.

An aligned throat chakra is one of the most powerful tools we have that we can use on a daily basis. It affects everything in our lives, from our relationships to our jobs to our life purpose. A blocked throat chakra signals a lack of confidence and can lead to emotional outbursts and confusion. On the other hand, an overactive throat chakra can lead to egotism, misunderstandings, and conflict.

It’s that second portion that I’m going to be focusing on here. A client of mine highlighted a trend that I’ve been noticing myself lately. In a lot of ways, our culture supports egotistic and entitled speech. We’ve all been guilty of this ourselves, just as we have also been shut down by another person’s speech. So let’s break down the difference between aligned, love-based, truthful speech and egocentric, entitled speech. Let’s get started!

Imbalance vs. Balanced Throat Chakra

An underactive throat chakra signals fear, shame, a negative view of oneself, and/or the expectation of negative responses from others. Many, many women have an underactive throat chakra, and we all know why: We’re healing from a collective paradigm of toxic masculinity and a dominant patriarchal culture. We know that, as women, we are more subject to ridicule, distrust, or disbelief when we speak our truth. So naturally, it can be challenging for women to feel safe speaking up — but we’re healing from that.

A person with an underactive throat chakra will often have difficulty getting their needs met and may be resentful as a result. They may fail to stand up for themselves, ask for what they want, or voice their beliefs. As a result, they may find that their lives get chaotic and difficult very quickly. 

On the flip side, a person with an overactive throat chakra will bulldoze over other people’s boundaries and feel entitled to do so. They may interrupt people, talk over people, and broadcast their belief systems as if everyone should agree. They may communicate aggressively and be unreceptive to feedback, different opinions, or suggestions from others. 

A person with an overactive throat chakra is likely covering up a deep wound with their aggressive self-promotion. Maybe they didn’t feel seen or heard as a kid and are now unconsciously trying to make up for it. The wounds that they carry may lead them to gossip or speak condescendingly in order to feel better than others. 

Those who have predominantly underactive throat chakras will probably remember some instances where they were overly aggressive. And those who have predominantly overactive throat chakras will likely have also felt silenced at some point. So let’s not place blame on anyone. Instead, let’s heal together by looking at the model of how a balanced throat chakra can be. 

A balanced throat chakra occurs when you are speaking your truth authentically with love. You are unafraid to stand up for yourself, advocate for your needs, or share your beliefs. You feel worthy of being seen and heard, even if you sense disagreement. Your expression comes from an aligned place, meaning that you are thoughtful and tactful in your delivery as opposed to flustered or upset. Most importantly, you know how to listen to other people and value what they say. In other words, you collaborate and take everyone’s needs into account, not just your own.

How an Overactive Throat Chakra Looks in the World

Right now, we’re seeing a surge of people with entitled attitudes. I believe this results from social media, cancel-culture, and the sense of liberated speech that many people are just getting used to. What I mean by that is that people who are new to experiencing a more open throat chakra are now taking it to extremes. Maybe a person like this makes a declaration on social media that someone else should be canceled. Then everyone else — likely people who have underactive throat chakras — follows along. That’s entitlement on a grand scale. 

Let’s take an everyday situation. A group of friends is out doing some activity and having a good time when one person says, “Ok, I’m done with this. Now let’s go get something to eat.” They didn’t check in with anyone or ask for a group decision. Now, the people with underactive throat centers won’t know what to do or how to respond. On the other hand, those with balanced throat centers will think, “Oh, you’ve voiced what you wanted, but you didn’t ask what we wanted. You expected that, because you voiced your desires, we would all go along with them.” Those with aligned throat chakras can recognize when someone else is out of alignment and why.

So what would it look like for this person to state their desire in a balanced way? They might say something like, “Hey! I’m really loving what we’re doing, but I’m starting to get hungry and feeling a need to switch up the energy and do something different. How do you guys feel about that?” Do you see the difference? It’s inclusive, but it’s still coming from a place of self-love because that person is still considering and voicing their needs while also acknowledging other people.  

This type of communication is how we create positive relationships with people based on an equal exchange of energy. By doing this, we are empowering ourselves and one another to speak from an authentic, heart-centered space. Women especially have so many centuries of blocked throat chakras, so let’s support each other to live our heart truths authentically without fear of being bulldozed by other people.

Letting Go of People Who You Have an Unequal Energy Exchange With

Our time and energy are precious resources. In order to preserve them, we need to be very discerning with what we allow into our space. If there is an unequal exchange of energy — meaning we allow someone to dominate the conversation in ways that don’t feel good to us — it’s time to take aligned action. That might mean having a conversation with them. That might mean taking a break from them. Or it might mean letting them go altogether.

I personally have unfollowed people on social media who I noticed were getting overly aggressive and entitled in their speech. Similarly, one of my clients told me that some of the people who she used to love and listen to regularly no longer feel good to her. Sisters, there is no rule that says that just because you followed someone at one point, you need to do so forever. There’s no rule that says you can’t change your mind about any person, in-person or online, who you don’t resonate with. Maybe they’ve changed. Maybe you’ve grown. But either way, it’s okay to release those people. 

This doesn’t mean you’re better than them or vice versa. It’s not about judgment; it’s about discernment. The world is going through incredible upheaval — which we chose to be here for — and that means that we need all of our energy, our time, and our resources. So I invite you to take a look at your relationships and see what type of energy exchange is there. See if you feel there is an equal flow, a sense of mutual support, respect, and above all, two-way communication.

I always use the metaphor of a backpack for the stuff that we carry around that isn’t ours. The unequal exchanges that make you feel drained are major weights in your backpack. Again, it’s not about judgment; it’s about energy. Release that energy and let your vibration rise.

What About Your Own Entitlement?

I mentioned before that we’ve all been on both sides of this equation. We’ve been the entitled communicator and the timid communicator. Some of us do lean more in one direction or the other. So what if you’re noticing that you often come from this place of entitlement?

Loves, this is a chance to do some deep inner work. If you’re noticing that this is your pattern, you get to trace it back to its origins and discover what wounds are there. What is it that is causing you to feel that you need to be seen and heard so much? Why do you feel the need to be better than other people? What is blocking you from listening and responding to what other people want to say? These are great journaling questions or ideas to take to a therapist or counselor if you are open to that.

There are so many reasons why we speak from an overactive throat chakra. It could be feeling unheard as a child. It could be feeling unworthy. People respond to these feelings in different ways. While one person might collapse into that same experience, some might try and overcome it by being condescending. Luckily, you can transform these shadows into greater lightness and happiness with conscious shadow work.

Let’s go deeper into this sense of entitlement. It’s often based on expectations. You expect your partner to behave a certain way. You expect your colleagues to do certain things. You expect something in exchange for something else. I often see this with women who are in my programs. They might express that they are upset because they didn’t get many clients after they had given out free content. They expected that, because they were giving out free content, people should sign up, but that’s not how this works. 

Coming at potential clients with these expectations is a huge turnoff. It feels pushy and needy. I tell these women that you want to come at potential clients with an invitation, not an expectation. In doing so, you’re putting the focus back on serving them instead of yourself.

I’d also like to touch on another important point — when you reflect on your relationships and the dialogues associated with them, don’t forget to look at your relationship with yourself. What do your internal dialogues look like? How is your relationship between your mind and your body? Is your mind or ego holding space for what your body needs? Are you listening to your body? Are you listening to your inner child? Asking these deep, juicy questions can lead to so much power and awareness if you are open to it.

A Vision for Expression Based on Self-Love

At the end of the day, we’re all learning the balance between self-love and self-centeredness. These are two very different things. We do need to listen to ourselves and put ourselves first. We do need to speak up when something feels out of alignment. We do need to live our truths and shine authentically. But we also need to recognize our interconnectedness. We need to hold space for others and really listen to what they have to say. We have to honor other people’s processes and our own internal processes. We need to clean up our internal dialogue so that we are giving time to and holding space for all parts of us. 

I hope you’ll reflect on these ideas and be lovingly honest with yourself. Take responsibility for your actions and your words. Expression has so much power — let’s make sure we use it wisely.

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I love you. I see you. Cheers to the collective healing of self-expression and respect for our interconnectedness. And remember Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


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  • The difference between entitlement and self love expression
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