How to Handle Sitting in the Shit: Episode 201


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Could we all just take a big breath? Let’s inhale together for a second and just get grounded and present to this moment. Okay, now, exhale and give yourself permission to just be with whatever day you’ve had, are having, or desire to have. Are you here? Can you name the kind of day you’re having and the way your body feels right now?  

I can. (Heads up: I’m about to get super honest and vulnerable with you, as always.) My day, the last few weeks actually, have been pretty shitty. Do you know what I’m saying? 

Like, have you ever been through a time in your life where shit just keeps kind of hitting the fan, and it feels like you keep getting dealt the wrong cards? Maybe, you are starting a new venture, and it just keeps breaking. Or everything that you are working on just keeps like falling apart and not turning out the way you thought it would. Maybe people in your life are leaving you, and you’re having some tough conversations, and they’re not going the way you want. Have you ever been there?

Yeah, well, I’m there right now. It’s just been one thing after another for so long that I’m like, “Why Universe, why are you shitting all over me?” And you know what? It’s making me laugh. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m like, “Wow, Universe. Wow! You’re too funny. Touché.” There are so many things not going right in my business and travel plans that I know the universe is up to something. It just has to be. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s fucking time I got grateful and curious. 

Shit hits the fan. Things don’t turn out as planned. It’s part of life. What doesn’t have to be part of life is freaking out and feeling miserable over it for weeks. Sister, this isn’t my first round of “shit hitting the fan.” In other words, I’ve gathered a few tools to help me navigate confusing, disappointing, and frustrating seasons with hope and confidence. Since I’ve been taking megadoses of my own medicine lately, I thought I’d share a few of these tips with you. 

If you are sitting in some shit, feeling like life is throwing lemons at ya, and you’re wondering what you did wrong, this episode is for you, sister. Life often feels overwhelming when you start to scale your energy, improve your relationships, or step up to a new level. It can feel like you’re going backward. Today, I’m here to tell you it’s all happening for a reason, and the reason is a good one. 

If you’re ready for some solid nuggets on how to handle the shit you’re going through without wrecking your positive vibes or losing all the ground you’ve covered in the last six months, keep reading. 

How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Life and Start Being a Victor

While I was on my morning walk, it hit me that when we tell the Universe, “I’m ready to scale and level up,” the Universe is like, “Heard! I got you.” And the Universe proceeds to clear out everything that doesn’t serve you anymore, including people, backend business stuff, and things that distract you from listening to your intuition. The Universe is on your side, so when you continue to play small or throw a quick-fix band-aid on something that’s not aligned with your highest self, the Universe goes ahead and unravels it for you. 

I remember this kind of thing happening to me two years ago when I did a massive scaling of my business and life. I really stepped up to the next level, and a bunch of shit truly fell apart. That’s exactly what I’m going through right now. For a while, I was sitting in the shit and playing victim — “Woe is me,” “Why does everything else in my life flow except THIS?” I lived in a state of “everything works for me, and everything is easy.” So why weren’t these things easy? 

That’s when I had to take a dose of my own medicine and remind myself, “No, no, no. This is all happening for me.” No matter who you are, the Universe works to help you accomplish what you told it you want. Therefore the Universe will break apart things that do not match the aligned version of your highest self. When I get bad news or things don’t go my way, this phrase helps me awaken my conscious self, take a breath before my emotions take over, and look for how the Universe is helping me reach my desired outcome. 

Here are some questions you can ask yourself right now to understand how the Universe is helping you get to your highest self: What’s not working in your life right now? What do you keep trying to force that just isn’t clicking? What in your life is making you ask “why”? Is there a relationship that you keep holding on to even though you know it doesn’t align with your highest self? What areas of your business are you trying to force? Are there any habits that you won’t let go of?

This is a common challenge for my clients. They say, “I’m scared I won’t earn more money in my business next month. I’ve been making the same amount every single month.” And then we find out it’s because they’re talking to someone they used to help. The people they used to help aren’t aligned with who they are now and who they can serve best. It turns out that the Universe was guiding them to the next level of themselves and their business all along. But the Universe’s kindness was disguised in deadends and a static income.

When we can shift our thinking from “why is this happening to me” to “this is happening for me,” we will begin to see how the Universe is helping us get to our desired outcome through all these seemingly bad things. You weren’t put on this planet to be a victim. If you want to handle shit like the fucking queen you are, commit to finding how the Universe is disguising its kindness. 

Why Embracing the Ups and Downs in Your Life Leads to Abundance

In the winter, most trees lose their leaves. But they transform into flaming torches of color every year and come back in the spring. After a flower blooms, it wilts and loses its petals. But it’s going to come back to life. It’s the same with us. In the in-between stages of scaling, leveling up, and expanding our awareness — when everything is going great — that challenges present themselves. 

We need those challenging moments to help us put to work everything we’ve learned. In those moments, when we want to give up, cry, and throw it all away, we get to practice our reps and strengthen our muscles. In those moments when we don’t want to ask why, but we do anyways that we grow the most. And it’s those moments where we want to hide and say, “I just can’t do this,” but we show up anyways that make us better humans and leaders.

Everything happens for a reason — even in the moments that feel fucking bad. When shit hits the fan, trust feels a lot like surrender to me — I’m giving it all up to the universe. I know I’ll look back in a few months and be like, “Ah, I see why all that was happening,” but until then, I have to surrender.

We often cling to the things the way things were and try to make them work — you know, the whole square peg in a round hole kind of deal — but that is not going to fucking work. And we will end up wasting the energy we could have dedicated towards our mission, purpose, and serving our community.

The Universe works in the unknown. The Universe provides everything that you need to expand your consciousness and level up. It provides everything you need in the unknown, in a state of surrendering, in a state of knowing that everything you desire will come out exactly as it’s meant for you. It might be camouflaged as something else. But when we can step back and look at the big picture we can start embracing the ups and downs in our life and guides to our highest self.

Here are some questions that help me see the big picture:

How is this happening for me? 

What can I learn from this scenario? 

How can I make the most of this experience? 

How could I have done better?

We might not like the answers to these hard questions, but once we ask them, we will recognize the abundance in our life and align ourselves with the things that are meant for us. If you want to grow, uplevel, and handle shit without it wrecking your positive vibes, learn to embrace the ups and downs in your life and welcome the magic of the unknown that challenges and frustrates you. 

My One-Step Secret to Raising My Vibrations Anytime Anywhere

As lightworkers and heart-centered entrepreneurs, our energy is so incredibly important. It’s something we need to pay attention to, nurture, protect, and invest wisely. When we’re sitting in shit, it’s easy to be low-vibe. Coming from a place of low vibrations blocks abundance, money, and the outcome that is meant for us. If we want to make more money, experience more abundance, and call in high vibe people and communities, we need to be vibing at a high frequency.

A beautiful and easy way to shift from low-vibe to high-vibe is to look at everything you’re going through and ask yourself, “What am I grateful for right now? What do I love in my life? Who do I appreciate in my life?” Now lean into that! Bring that energy from your gut up to your heart. When we bring things from our gut to our heart, we immediately raise our vibrations, and we send out rockets of desire to the Universe. Like, “Hey Universe, thank you for working on my behalf! More good feelings and more things to be grateful for, please!”

Your energy is a powerful and precious thing because the Universe responds to it. It influences those around you and makes a direct impact on your ability to step into your highest self. The best part about this is, you control your energy and vibrations. Yes, circumstances and people can sway it, but you’re the one who gives your energy the permission to camp out in a certain vibration. So, anytime you’re feeling low-vibe, whether it’s from sleeping wrong, having a hard conversation, or things falling apart, pick up your power to be high-vibe by choosing gratitude. Ask yourself, “How can I lean into the big picture and be grateful for what I have right now as I move towards everything I desire in life?”

What You Need to Remember When Shit Hits the Fan…

I hope that wherever you’re at in life right now, you were able to take this message, breathe it in, and apply it. Maybe right now, everything’s going great. But in the future, when you’re ready to scale, level up and expand, and shit hits the fan, remember this: Don’t fight the ups and downs — embrace them. Be grateful for the messy unknowns disguised as problems and setbacks because something magical is happening for you. Dare to believe that every situation in life is happening for you because it really truly is!

If this message hits home for you or you know of someone who needs an extra dose of positive vibes, please share this episode! Because here’s the thing: When we all support each other, we all rise. And the more we have these conversations, the more people can heal, grow, and walk in the abundance they desire. So pay it forward. Share this episode on your social media and tag me @iamtaylorsimpson! Or pass it along to that friend or family member who’s going through some shit — let them know you see them and that you’re here to support them!

I love you. I see you. I acknowledge you. And we’re in this together. Thank you for reading and until next time, choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


Key Takeaways: 

+ Everything in life is flowing
+ This is all happening for you
+ How are things working for you?
+ Everything happens for a reason
+ The Universe gives everything we need
+ Step back and look at the big picture
+ What energy am I bringing to this?
+ How can I best serve this new level of me?
+ Some things have to go
+ How can you embrace the ups and downs?
+ What am I grateful for right now?

Standout Quotes:
“Give yourself the opportunity to listen to yourself.”

“If we try to force something, it is not going to work.”

“Remember to be grateful for everything.”