How to Shift Your Frequency with the Word Explore: Episode 252


Hey, sister! Welcome back to a Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, I love ya, I love ya, I love ya!

Do you feel behind in life? Are you trying to make up for lost time or catch up to someone who inspires you? Our society is so wrapped up in accomplishing things and these thoughts and feelings are almost second nature to us. But, sister, they just aren’t true — you are not behind. Just because you don’t know something or are learning something new doesn’t mean you’re late to the party.

Thoughts that make you feel left behind are rooted in toxic masculinity and prevent you from growing and expanding. I know because, over the last few weeks, I’ve been in an online Tantra immersion with three to five workshops a day. (Before you assume that it’s all about sex, let me say, Tantra is so much more than just sex. I’ll explain all about it in the next section.) Jumping into this new world is both exciting and discouraging. Exciting because I LOVE what I’m learning and discouraging because part of me wishes I had started this journey sooner.  

When I catch myself wishing I’d jumped into this new world sooner, I say this word to myself: “Explore.” That’s the word I want to unpack with you in today’s message. As I’ve made this word my mantra, it’s helped me create momentum without stepping out of my feminine energy and have more fun living. 

So, if you’re learning a new skill or working on getting to the next level in your business and feel behind, this message is for you. I’m going to introduce you to the spiritual practice of Tantra and walk you through using the word “explore” to shift from a place of forcing results to allowing results flow to you. 

If you’re tired of chasing the end result and ready to enjoy the journey, keep reading!

What Is Tantra?

Our modern society has glamorized Tantra sex so much that whenever we hear the word Tantra we think of sex. However, Tantra is simply the spiritual practice of releasing any facet of life that we encounter from all limitations to realize its divine self. 

The word “Tantra” literally means “to weave.” Tantra teaching says that everything is divine — the things we see and the things we can’t see. By engaging your senses and creating extreme awareness, Tantra’s goal is to awaken the divinity around you and weave it together. Tantra is traditionally practiced through mantras and meditation. Physical experiences, like Tantra sex, have evolved to deepen the connection to one’s own divinity and the divinity of others.

Regardless of the practice or where you are in your Tantra journey, the first step in a Tantra practice is always liberating yourself to acknowledge and experience your own divinity. From there, you can liberate the things around you to experience their divine state as well. 

How to Use the Word “Explore” to Stay High-Vibe

Trading conflict for curiosity is a Tantra practice to help move through challenging situations or awaken a deeper understanding of yourself. Instead of getting caught up in frustration and disempowering feelings, Tantra teaches the art of allowing feelings and experiences to intensify as a way to increase oneness and enlightenment. 

I’ve been putting this idea into practice by making the word “explore” my North Star. Anytime a disempowering thought comes up like, “Wow, I feel dumb. I don’t know Yoni as well as I thought I did. Why didn’t I start learning about this years ago?”, I adopt a posture of non-judgment curiosity. This posture leads me to ask questions like, “What does pleasure feel, taste, smell, and look like? How can I explore new ideas, feelings, and ways of moving through this? How can I explore when I’m in a workshop?”

Whenever we experience a trigger like, “I feel dumb or late to the party,” it’s an opportunity for us to get more in the moment. We tend to push through these uncomfortable feelings or push them aside to get to the end goal. In other words, the last thing we want to do is explore. But triggers are always trying to tell you something about yourself. 

Nine times out of ten, if you slow down enough to identify the root of the trigger, you’ll understand yourself better and be able to move forward with more confidence and centeredness. That’s why shifting any conflict we feel with ourselves or others to the energy of curiosity is so important. 

Before moving to the next section, I want you to take a moment and tune in with yourself. See how this new perspective of the word “explore” feels to you? Does it feel juicy or empowering?

Now close your eyes and tap into how the word “explore” feels to you when it comes to doing deep inner work, leaning into your shadows, and stepping into your higher self. Ask yourself, “How can you explore what it’s like to be your future self, who has everything you desire?” Do this from a place of curiosity, self-love, and compassion. Don’t force your way to the result — feel your way there. 

As you let the answer come to you, tune into your physical sensations. Where are you feeling more relaxed or tense? Become aware of it. On our accession journey, it’s essential to tune into our bodies. Once we’re aware of how we’re feeling, we can lean into it. If it’s a good feeling, we can celebrate it and move forward with confidence. If it’s a negative feeling, we can choose to breathe love into it and explore with more curiosity. 

Why You Need Chase Your Goals Like a Toddler Exploring a Playground

Whenever we step into a new chapter, whether that’s landing a promotion, getting to the next level in our business, or pursuing motherhood — anything that requires action on our part — our focus tends to be on the end goal. I want to encourage you to focus on exactly where you are today instead of the end goal. I know that probably sounds crazy. But there’s magic in the here and now that we miss if we’re always trying to take big action to get to the end result faster. 

So, instead of looking at that end goal, I want you to say, “I’m here right now. I am at step one. I’m a baby in this new world.” Now, get excited about it! You’re in a brand place with a whole new world at your fingertips. 

Think about a toddler. What do they do when they discover something new, like a playground with obstacles? They explore! They get excited. They don’t look at the playground and think, “Wow, how am I ever going to get to the top of the stairs to slide down the slide?” No! They start walking around. They’re curious. They’re exploring their surroundings as a very new person in that situation. 

Eventually, they find the stairs or the ladder, and they explore how they feel around that. They put their hand on the ladder, their foot on the first step, thinking, “Is it intimidating? Is it scary? Oh, interesting. Okay, next step.” They lean into the exploration. They pull up to the next step and the next, thinking, “I’m getting closer to the top, where the big kids are. Let me explore this a little more.”

What a fucking powerful analogy, right?! I just love that picture of judgment-free excitement. So, sister, it’s time to mirror that in your life. Whatever new chapter of life you’re in, see yourself on a journey of exploration. If you’ve already taken the first step, adopt the attitude of the toddler on the playground. Ask yourself, “What does this first step feel like?” If this step is brand new to you and you feel like you’re doing it wrong, get curious. Give yourself the gift of being open to possibilities.

Right now, in my Tantra immersion program, I’m learning about opening up oneself through breathwork and pleasure. We’ve spent time talking about how when it comes to sex, the end goal is often to orgasm. But what happens when we open ourselves to the whole world between that first kiss or touch and the orgasm? Amazingness! Similar to sex, what if there’s a whole fucking world — which there is — that we get to explore if we would just take our time and get curious? 

Let’s not get so focused on the end results and what’s not going right that we miss the magic between steps A and Z. Let’s release any toxic masculinity we’re allowing to drive us so that we can explore and receive everything this beautiful life has to offer us! 

Wake Up to the Power of Being a Newbie

I feel like I’ve been sleeping my whole life! I get to be a newbie and explore life! I don’t have to know it all and have it figured out by yesterday. If it lights me up, I can try again and again until I get it right — even if it feels scary, like walking on baby giraffe legs. I get to enjoy the process! 

It’s the same for you, lovely soul! You don’t have to subscribe to the cultural pressure of being there already. You can be here. You don’t have to quit on a dream because it’s taking the time. You can take it even slower if you want. Forward progress, no matter how small, is still forward progress. Lean into your “I don’t know” with curiosity and delight in the journey of learning. 

When we choose to be in the moment honoring the feelings, triggers, pleasures, and fears that come up, magic happens. We give ourselves the gift of being present. And ultimately, we raise our vibrations — even when we’re choosing to be present with low vibrations. Because when we lean into low vibrations and uncover their roots, we’re able to heal. When we heal, we release the weight and elevate our vibrations. 

Whenever we embody a high frequency, especially love, we are tapped into the frequency of abundance that attracts joy, money, freedom, expression, expansiveness, and bliss. Yes, bliss! And when you’re in that frequency, everything on that frequency is drawn to you. Bliss, freedom, money — all of it — will flow to you easier and quicker. 

Visualize Yourself Living a Blissful and Abundant Life

Imagine that you’re a beautiful flowing river. Each ripple represents exploration. One spot in the river is warm, and the next is cold. You honor each feeling as you experience it and acknowledge that you have moved to a new place. When you see rocks in the river, you are gentle with yourself because you’ve never been there before. Instead of being afraid, you lean into the rocks and find a way around them. 

Before you know it, you encounter a tree! It’s the first time you’ve seen a tree in the river, but you don’t judge it. You approach it with love and curiosity. You have found yet another new spot in the river. You’re excited to explore it and tell yourself, “I’m going to have fun with this!”

That is a life of bliss, joy, and abundance. And that life can be yours! Instead of beating yourself up for not knowing or being behind, choose a posture of curiosity and exploration. As you do so, your frequencies will rise, and abundance will flow to you. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick introduction to Tantra and how to shift your frequencies with a single word. I’m always so grateful that you choose to spend your time with me! If you learned something from this podcast, please share it with a friend. Just take a screenshot of this and share it on Instagram. Tag me, @iamtaylorsimpson, and let me know what you loved!

I’m sending you all the high-vibes as you explore life throughout the rest of this week. As always, don’t forget to choose happiness, because well, why the fuck not?


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • To step into a new level and shift fears.
  • New ways to approach and dive into triggers and fears.
  • To use the word “explore” to benefit your self-development journey.
  • How to bring in empowering feelings when self-doubt creeps in.  
  • How to level up your goals.
  • Shift the beginner mindset from low vibration to high vibration. 
  • Understanding the magic of the journey towards your goals.
  • Let go of old beliefs and society programming that does not benefit you.