The Daughter of Jesus and Magdalene with Sera Beak : Episode 234


Hi sister! Welcome back to another episode of A Taylored Adventure to Happiness. If you are new, welcome! If you are a regular, you know I love you!

Sister, I have an amazing special guest on my program today! Today I am bringing you the fabulously enlightening Sera Beak. Sera has led a spirit-filled life studying spirituality and mysticism, and she’s even traveled the globe to learn as much as she could on the subjects. 

Sera also has an exceptional part of her spirituality that may surprise you: part of her soul is named “Sarah,” and Sarah is the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. 

I’m so excited to help her share her message with you today! I’m sure her story will empower you to be honest with your soul and abilities so that you can find abundance in your life.

Who Is Sera Beak? 

Sera Beak is a highly experienced scholar and Lightworker. From a young age, she was fascinated by everything spiritual and quickly became enveloped in her spiritual journey. She studied world religions with a focus on mysticism and the divine feminine. She received her Master’s Degree in comparative world religions with a focus on mysticism at Harvard University!

On top of all her spiritual experience, she discovered “Sarah,” who is the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Sera discovered this about herself after TONS of deep reflection. She had a difficult time accepting it at first, but through her journey to accept who she is, she found peace and strength.  

Sera authored the books The Red Books: A Deliciously Unorthodox Approach to Igniting Your Divine Spark, Red Hot and Holy: A Heretic’s Love Story, and her most recent work Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you may recall that I read Redvelations recently. I absolutely LOVED the book, and I highly encourage you to read it as well!

Often, people can be too quick to discredit someone’s personal story because it’s so unexpected. I want to encourage you to keep an open mind because my guest offers so much spiritual guidance that you will learn from if you’re willing to listen!

After I read Redvelations, I reached out to Sera to ask her onto my show. I knew that she would be an inspiration for tapping into your soul, and I was totally right! Our conversation was indescribably enlightening, so you’re gonna want to read on! 

Embodying Your Soul

Despite Sera’s current peace, she didn’t always have the answers for embodying her soul: 

“Although my passion for spirituality was legit, my mystical experiences were real, and my intentions were all very good, I had been abandoning and leaving out an essential core aspect of who I am.” – Sera Beak

She became aware of her need to embrace her soul when she interviewed the late Marion Woodman, a mythopoetic author and Jungian analyst:

“I’ve come to see it as recognizing that I was sitting in front of a woman who had truly embodied her soul. And even though I had interviewed and been around and studied with some really incredible women and men from around the world that many would consider to be quite spiritual or mystics or saints or et cetera, she was the first one where I had such a visceral reaction. And I think the biggest thing that I got from it was that I had not embodied my soul.” – Sera Beak

Sera realized that she had actually been using spiritual traditions to avoid the trauma that the past lives of her soul had experienced. She thought that based on her success and experience as a spiritual author, she had embodied her soul. But in reality, she was using her success to bypass her relationship with her soul. 

Sera described how often worldly success can keep us from realizing that we’re not properly aligned with our soul:

“Part of the spiritual culture that’s popped up in America … is like, ‘Hey, the more followers, the more exposure, the more money … the more spiritually aligned you must be.’ … these sort of underground currents that sort of pull us out of organic reality and kind of pull us into a success-oriented marketplace. Those very much take us away from the soul. ‘Cause when you’re real with your soul, your soul honestly just does not care. … It’s about the experience and the expression of truth and life and love.” – Sera Beak

Does this sound like you? Have you let worldly success cloud your perception of your soul? Like Sera, you may need to engage in deep introspection and discover if you’re truly embodying your soul.  

Listening to Your Soul

Once Sera realized that she wasn’t embracing her core being, she went on a journey to rediscover her soul. 

“That led me into some territories that I was really not expecting to go into. So, one thing I have learned to respect greatly is that the soul realm is not a realm that makes a lot of sense, but I say it makes a lot of love. So there are many aspects to it that our rational brain can’t quite latch onto that our body and our heart do recognize as truth.” – Sera Beak

Rather than be bound by the rational realm, Sera allowed her soul to speak to her, and she kept an open mind while listening to her soul.

“A part of my soul that started showing up in a pretty loud and vulnerable way was a part that identified herself as Sarah, S-A-R-A-H, and how she identified herself was as the daughter of Jesus and Magdalene.” – Sera Beak

Mind-blowing stuff, right?! Sera herself had difficulty accepting it at first. She was a well-educated and rational individual, but she needed to listen to the truth her soul spoke. Beautiful as that was, Sera remembered that embodying her soul was an incredibly difficult and often painful experience: 

“From her story and from the feelings of her that I was having in my body, that I began to retrieve certain parts of her. … things kind of [came] together. But, I had to go through this very, very intense process of helping Sarah heal from the fragmentation that she suffered in that lifetime. And every time I would find another piece of her and help her heal, Sera, S-E-R-A, Beak in this lifetime would heal, and things would start to come back together. – Sera Beak

As Sera listened to her soul and helped Sarah overcome her traumas, she realized that helping Sarah was also helping herself. 

To live an abundant life, it’s important that you embrace the light parts of your soul AND the dark parts. Sera embraced Sarah and helped her get through the pain and regret that she had experienced. Sister, remember to embrace all of the pieces of your soul! 

“You can’t continue to be as alive and joyful and abundant as you want if you don’t take all these pieces of you that have been strewn throughout different lifetimes and bring them back home in a way that feels very natural.” – Sera Beak

Sera was able to embody her soul because she was willing to listen, and she dared to follow what her soul was saying. What has your soul been telling you? Own who you are on the inside, no matter how scary it might seem at first! 

Embracing Love and Your Humanity 

In her journey to rediscover her soul, Sera realized the importance of embracing love. Her first parents, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, revealed to her the inherent love that’s inside of everyone. 

“I know all of us have the memory of either Jesus and Magdalene … or other beings here in bodies that knew how to truly love, and we have that in us. So even though things have gotten a little skewed … we can access that memory through our body. And that’s one of the things that my parents [Jesus and Mary] really taught, is that it was in the body, not by going out to other routes to access love, but the secret was that it was buried and blossoming in the body.” – Sera Beak

Isn’t that so beautiful? You have love deep down inside of you that you can access to live abundantly! Love is a key part of our humanity. 

Sera emphasized that to live an abundant life, you need to be free in yourself and embrace who you are:

“Often it’s about kind of being willing to let go of spiritual conditioning that might be impeding just your natural way of being you. The other thing I like to recommend … [is] being fully human. Such a part of that is regaining our sovereignty, not just from things that are pretty typical, like the culture and society and patriarchy, but also from spirituality. … So it’s less about doing anything and more about just being more free with yourself.” – Sera Beak

Rather than trying to jump through all of the spiritual hurdles that society constructs, it’s essential that you embrace yourself and live freely in your soul. 

Do you find yourself just going through the motions of what society and spiritualists tell you to do? Sister, free yourself from this! Regain your sovereignty right now, and be who you are meant to be! 

Seeking True Love Over Hate

Sera and I discussed the importance of seeking true love during this difficult time of systemic racism and hatred. The awful hate that still plagues our society has been an ever-present part of humanity through the history of time. We need to hold onto love more than ever and realize that love is the truest reality: 

“I went through this phase, like a couple of weeks ago, that was just like really having to feel and accept the brutality of humanity. … Like my first parents Jesus and Magdalene and all these people who came here who were trying to hold on to love. … They were trying to remind us that the truer reality is love. … the system wins when we close our hearts, and we stop loving.” – Sera Beak

That’s some powerful stuff. Rather than giving in to society’s hatred, we need to seek love and do whatever it takes to defend it. Right now is such an essential time to seek love amidst all the hatred rampant in our society. 

Remember, we all have a choice. We can choose love over hate. We can all do something to help spread love. 

If you enjoyed this conversation as much as I have, please be sure to go listen to the full episode right now! Sera and I discussed so many enlightening things about living an abundant life! I also highly encourage you to check out Sera’s most recent book about her journey in embodying her soul titled Redvelations: A Soul’s Journey to Becoming Human. You can also keep up with her on her website and on Instagram

Thank you all so much for checking out today’s episode! I hope it moves you to embody your soul and emboldens you to be who you truly are and embrace love! And remember — Always choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not? 


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • Reigniting with your soul
  • Some ways you might be spiritually bypassing
  • Unconscious to your trauma
  • Meeting Sarah
  • Who are you to be a healer
  • What is your lineage of love
  • Lessons from Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  • Being fully human
  • The untold love of Jesus and Magdalene
  • Your body holds the truth
  • Ways to begin being fully human
  • Bringing light to the darkness without making it heavy
  • What’s your soul’s contribution