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Have you ever felt like the broken, messy parts of your life needed to be hidden for you to be successful? Whether it’s trauma from your childhood or the fact that most days you work in PJs and no makeup, you make sure those details never come up on social media or during a meet-and-greet. Have you ever stopped to think about how oppressive it feels to keep those secrets? Or how half-seen, half-known it leaves you? 

It’s so easy to believe that we need to be perfect to be inspiring and successful. Today’s guest, Tiffany Carter, is proof this is not the truth. In this interview, you’ll hear how Tiffany healed from her childhood of abuse and trauma and became a multimillionaire entrepreneur who teaches women how to show up fearlessly on social media.  

For my boss babes who are looking to learn how to show up on Instagram in an aligned way that’s powerful and fearless, you’re in for a treat! Tiffany provides real examples of exactly how to do that. 

Strap on your seatbelt because this conversation with Tiffany is thought-provoking and value-packed!

Who Is Tiffany Carter?

Tiffany Carter takes the mystery out of making BIG money. She uses a magnetic combination of clear-cut communication and proven business strategies to help women realize their worth and lead their most exceptional life. She is known for her saying, “Low self-worth equals low net worth and high self-worth equals high net worth.” 

Today, Tiffany is a sought-after motivational speaker, host of the educationally edgy podcast, ProjectME with Tiffany Carter, and a passionate advocate for abused women and children.

I first met Tiffany at an event we were both speaking at. As soon as she took the stage, I knew she was fucking FIRE! She shared tons of value with more realness, transparency, and humor than you can imagine. Today’s interview was no different! 

If you’re ready for your business, life, and social media presence to shift to a fucking epic level of authenticity and abundance, keep reading!

Why You Might Need to Slow Down to Speed Up

While Tiffany currently leads an abundant and inspiring life, it started as a mess that few would have ever recovered from. Raised by a single parent, abused from the age of 11 until she was 21, and raped at 15, it’s safe to say that home was the last place that felt safe. Understandably, she never returned home after leaving for college at 17. 

Tiffany said she remembers wanting to be a newscaster since she was 13. To her, they resembled someone who spoke the truth, were listened to, and respected. And that’s all she had ever really wanted — to be seen, heard, and accepted. 

At 20 years old, she got her dream when NBC hired her as a newscaster. After a few years of being in the reporting world, the trauma she had repressed and normalized as a child and young adult became real. It was then when she quit her dream job, moved back to Los Angeles, where she had friends from college, and started working at a doggy daycare. 

During that time, her intuition — she said wouldn’t have called it that at the time because she didn’t have faith in anything at that point — led her to seek help and healing. She found an intensive outpatient group therapy program for people who had experienced extreme sexual trauma. Tiffany said it was really scary and uncomfortable to attend the first few meetings:

“I was scared. … If you’re going to a sexual assault response group, you’re admitting, ‘This is what happened to me.’ That didn’t feel great, but I went anyway. And what I told myself is, ‘You know, you can always leave. Just try it. Just experiment.’ And I just kept going back. What was the other alternative? I’m quite blunt about it — I was going to end up becoming, you know, a high-end prostitute or something along that nature.” – Tiffany Carter

The next season of healing was hard and painful. But through it, she began to recover her self-worth and feel free. She said what kept her going was promising herself she was healing herself so that she could help others someday:

“What got me through doing all this grueling recovery work is that I made a promise … I would help others heal someday. … That’s what made me do it — [healing] had to be something bigger than myself. It wasn’t enough just to heal me and make me happy because I still had no self-worth. … I had to go further than that.” – Tiffany Carter 

As she began to heal, she saw that her friends who had fancy cars and full bank accounts were pharmaceutical sales reps. Because of her professional training as a communicator, she decided it would be a good fit. After interviewing at about 60 companies, she was finally hired by a well-respected company that invested in its employees.

Sis, before moving on to the next part of Tiffany’s story, I want to point out how she slowed down and let go of her original dream to pursue healing. Her pursuit of healing re-routed her entire life and empowered her to help women. So whatever mess you’re going through or whatever you think you can’t deal with, know that it doesn’t disqualify you. It may be the very thing that gives you an edge and points to your purpose in this lifetime. Don’t be afraid of it!

Why You Need an All-In Mindset If You Want to Succeed

It wasn’t long before Tiffany climbed the ladder as a pharmaceutical sales rep and hit the ceiling. After a while of being super successful but also stagnant, one of her long-time clients asked her, “Why don’t you stop making money for companies and start making that money for yourself?” She said the thought had never occurred to her because her parents had both been entrepreneurs, and the way they lived had never looked fun to her. 

Tiffany said that making the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship came down to asking herself, “What am I going to do here?” After a season of side hustling, she finally went all-in on her business, and it grew by tenfold in six months (more about this later) to where she is today!

Sister, can you see yourself in Tiffany? Did you grow up with trauma? Did you see other people doing something that looked lucrative and possible, so you said, ‘Oh, let me give that a try’ only to receive rejection, rejection, rejection?! Did you think, “What the fuck? Is this really happening to me? What I’m supposed to be doing?” This was Tiffany’s story, too. But then she chose to surrender, surrender, surrender. And finally she said, “Oh, look! Now I see how it was all happening for me.” 

For the love of Jesus, you guys, please see some part of your journey in Tiffany’s! It’s all about not giving up, right? You just keep going! There’s no point to life if you’re always like, “Oh, it’s not working. I give up.” No! Keep going. If your soul says, “Just one more time,” do it. One more time and one more time and one more time until you win! 

The Universe is working for you, but you have to keep trying long enough to see how it’s on your side!

Tiffany’s Two Rules to Showing Up Powerfully on Social Media

Sister, if you’re doing the things to move the needle but are not 100% believing in who you are and what you’re selling, you’re fucked. Your people can feel your lack of belief. If you make it weird for yourself, it will be weird for your audience. No matter how regularly and consistently you give incredible value on social media, you won’t see results until you believe in yourself!

Here are Tiffany’s two rules to believing in yourself showing up powerfully on social media:

Rule #1: Give Zero Fucks

How much time do you spend making sure your makeup, backdrop, and lighting are just right before you snap a photo or film an insta-story? If your answer was “a lot,” you’re giving too many fucks. Tiffany said if you want to see your social media presence improve your bottom-line, you have to think about what your audience needs more than what you want: 

“You have to get to a zone that I call the ‘zero-fucks’ zone. … What I mean when I say that is you have to get to the point of just being okay with showing up. … [Like doing] Instagram stories from the gym parking lot, where I look like a hot mess. I may use a filter. I may not use a filter. … It’s not about what Tiffany needs, it’s about what you guys need and ask me for and really going all in.” – Tiffany Carter 

Aesthetics are nice, but most of the time, that’s not what your audience is asking for. They’re asking for actionable steps to messy, real-life problems. That being said, have you ever stopped to think about how many good thoughts — thoughts that could be exactly what your audience needs for breakthrough and healing — you never shared because your hair was frizzy or the lighting wasn’t right?

How beautiful would it be for you to show up on social media so fired-up about the piece of advice you had for your audience that you didn’t care about all the frills and perfection? Ah-mazing, right? And guess what! Your audience will feel that. Your give-zero-fucks energy will translate to your audience as, “I care more about you and your success than my perfect image. I’m here for you. My life is messy, sometimes, too. Here’s how to make magic happen!:

Rule #2: Ask Yourself, “What Do I Have to Lose?”

Once you’ve gotten to the give-zero-fucks zone, you have to go all in. Tiffany said that when she started ProjectMe about 18 months ago (at the time of the interview), she was the person who did her makeup perfectly and only posted one of 500 photos she took. Not anymore. Today, she shows up in her bathrobe. Why? Because that’s the real her. She said, “I make multiple seven figures from a bathrobe. And we’re lucky if my hair is washed, that’s really it.”

Tiffany said she got the place of going all-in by asking this specific question: 

“I had to get to that point of asking, ‘What do I have to lose?’ And that’s what you need to ask yourself first thing: ‘Am I really going all-in?’ Like, call yourself out! … And the second thing is, ‘What do you have to lose?’ You have a lot more to lose by not going all in. You really do because here’s the thing. … [Not going all-in is] not going to work.” – Tiffany Carter

Tiffany knows not going all-in doesn’t work because, being financially conservative, she was cautious starting. But when Tiffany went all-in with zero fucks given, her business took off:

“I’m a professionally trained communicator. I’m a professionally trained, published writer. I have top sales skills and marketing experience. I have entrepreneurship experience. And guess what? When I went all in — zero fucks given — which was probably about six months ago, my business 10Xed its revenue.” – Tiffany Carter

If you want to create an epic fucking life, guess who is in the fucking way? You are. You are in your own way. That’s why I love the mentality of, ‘I could die tomorrow.’ Super morbid, I know. But realizing that I get to live another day and asking myself how I’m going to live motivates me to go all-in and give zero fucks. Because the truth is, if I knew I was dying tomorrow, I wouldn’t dance around trying to please people and hide my true self. I would live boldly and show up fearlessly. And I think you would too!

Why You Need to Turn Your Mess into Your Message Today…

Before I wrap this up, I want you to know that Tiffany and I covered so many amazing things I couldn’t fit into this post, so make sure you listen to the whole podcast episode. I promise you won’t regret it! 

Here’s one last golden nugget that Tiffany shared about how to create the life you want: 

“It’s either all-in or don’t bother. So if you want that vision, that dream … it requires you to go all in. No, it is not comfortable. It is scary as all shit. I’m scared multiple times a week because even when you have all that money in the bank, you end up taking risks with that money. And then that becomes scary. So it doesn’t ever get less scary. I’m just more comfortable around that fear … [because] I know [that] if I’m not feeling terrified a couple of times a week, I’m being complacent and I’m not playing all in.” – Tiffany Carter

Beautiful soul, you were made for incredible things. Do not let any past experience tell you that you aren’t worthy of your dreams. Pursue healing, give-zero-fucks, and go all-in. 

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I will talk to you all soon! And as always, you guys choose happiness because, well, why the fuck not?


In Today’s Episode You Will Learn:

  • Why you don’t need to be inspiring or successful
  • The promise that helped Tiffany keep doing the hard work of healing and recovery
  • Why you need to start believing in your and stop spending so much time getting the right lighting if you want to convert sales on social media
  • What can happen if you don’t give up
  • Tiffany’s two rules to showing up powerfully on social media
  • Why you need to go all-in on your dreams
  • How trauma can lead to triumph

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